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Assalamoalaikum! May Allah send His Peace and Mercy on all.My query is that i was very regular with my tahajjud prayers since a year Alhamdolillah but last six months i am unable to pray regularly sometimes i am too tired to get up sometimes not well sometimes i jus wakeup and sleep again.i have been going through tough time as my husband is unwell and i am behind him whole day. But i really feel guilty about my irregularity with my tahajjud.i dont understand why it is happening.i take care of the minutest sin if i am doing.yes there is one thing i am unable to stop doing which is wrong.but honestly i am just unable to stop it.i pray each moment to Allah to help me come out of problem is how i will b regular with my tahajjud prayers.please help me with a way out.anythng i can do to for this.m really worried and upset too what if Allah is angry with me.please show me some way..JazakAllah Khairan

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Walikum isalam, it's good that you have concern with that problem. People refuse to tahajjud early in the morning when they are too lazy and when they do not have strong faith in their god. In your case that you are too tired and sick may be just a little excuse for not waking up. Just remember, the more you love your creator, the much you want to wake up and pray tahajjud. Don't worry though, Allah is the most gracious and most merciful, you are forgiven for the most little excuse as long as you ask for forgiveness. Allah be with you.

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Aameen!! JazakAllah khairan

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