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Salam, is it permissible for a man to shave his chest or his arms? Please back up with Quran or Hadith if the answer is no

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It is not haram to shave your chest and arms brother, but if there is absolutely no reason for shaving it you shouldn't. I mean the more hair you have the more of a man you will look. In my arabian culture it is frowned upon if a man shaves his chest or arm hair. Only place you shouldn't shave is your eyebrows, and your beard. It's fine if you do but it's the jordanian code of conduct.. Hahaha.. So you can shave anywhere you want... Keep good hygiene is sunnah.

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It is said that the dead body of a clean-shaven unknown young man was found in a village near Quetta.After the necessary formalities, people buried him. Meanwhile, the young man’s family members turned up and expressed the wish of taking the dead body to their village to bury it there.Therefore, the grave was dug. As the slab was removed from over the face, people shrieked in terror to see that there was a black beard on the face of the clean-shaven young man just buried, and it was not the beard of black hair. It was the beard of black scorpions! Seeing that horrifying scene, people put the soil onto the grave haphazardly and returned in panic repenting of sins.

Shaving and horrible black worm Once described that incident during a Sunnaĥ-inspiring speech. Having listened to that incident, a clean-shaven young man (from Bāb-ul-Madīnaĥ, Karachi) made the intention of growing his beard out of divine fear. Therefore, he started growing his beard but his family members opposed and forced him to have his beard shaved giving him the temptation of marriage. Though he got his beard shaved under the pressure of his family, the black scorpion incident preyed on his mind. Having got his beard shaved, when he entered the bathroom of his house, he trembled with fear to see that a horrible black worm was crawling there. Frightened by seeing that, he repented of getting his beard shaved and started growing it again,Subhan'allah.

O the devotees of the Holy Prophet! Prophet )saw) said: ‘Trim your moustaches very short and let your beards grow. Do not make your face like that of the Jews.’

O those fond of fashion! Having reminded you of these sayings, Allah forbid, if the Holy Prophet becomes displeased, what will you do? Whose help will you seek? Whom will you beg for intercession? Who will save you from the wrath and retribution of Allah ? You still have a chance. Repent immediately. Grow a fist-length beard showing a sign of devotion to the Beloved and Blessed Prophet from your face. Brush aside the wishful thinking: ‘I am still young’, ‘I will grow it later or after the marriage.’

As for the trimming. The area from which the pubic hair should be removed is mainly the part above your genital organ and around it. While removing these pubic hairs you do not need to start from the right. Shortening hair on the penis and scrotum can also be done. The pubic hairs are to be removed for the same reason as the removal of the hair around the armpits. It is part of the hygiene that the Prophet (pbuh) promoted as a Sunnah.

Jazakallahu Khayra.

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So that means beard is mandatory and compulsion in Islam. We will be punished if died without beard. That's so weird u know having beard was in Arab b4 the advent of Islam. Having beard is a necessity as well. If you ever been Saudi Arabia in the desert when the wind is blowing, sand literally give u cuts on your faces. So whatever story you just told could be a made up story to make people to have beard.

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