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Assalamu alayekum, please listen ti this story fast, about two years back I went for umra, it was on the holy month of ramadhan , I think many people know how congestion it is, so we din't get place inside the mosque so we prayed outside the mosque with other people, which were citizens of that people.when I just finished my prayer even before I finished my second salam, came two policemen who guard the holy place of Allah took my praying mat and told me in aloud voice getout leaving the citizens who were praying with me just there.I was very angry at that time and in afit of anger I told them may Allah curse you in duniya and akher for this deed you have done for me , after some days while still in the holy place of Allah I said to my heart that I forgave them but still till today there is something in my heart that us troubling me about them, my heart is not at peace when I think about them , so can I fast three days to let go of the swear I sweared to them .strange thinkings are coming to my mind maybe something bad happened to its ok if I fast

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Just take a breather brother. Things happen between people, but you must follow Allah, and we all know that Allah is the most merciful. Someone once had punched me in the face in school because he disrespected my culture, I forgave him the moment he hit me, sure I wasn't happy that he hit me, you must be merciful and only Allah knows true intentions, Allah will deal with all that in day of judgement, Allah is the greatest. It's good you fast it makes you patient and takes stress away. Allah doesn't accept Dua of people who hold grudges for more than 3 days. Allah guide you brother.

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