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Asala alikum, I had finally taken notice about the famous Petra built in the mountain in my country Jordan, the door is extremely big for the size of a modern day human. Is it really true that there were giants back than, like Adam and Noah, peace be upon them? And if you do research you'll find actual giant skeletons in Saudi Arabia and ancient giant relics.

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Thanks a lot Abdul wasay, by reading you answers to my questions, and answers to other questions I have learned many things about Islam, that I should know. I am yet to learn as much as I can, and I will try hard to become a sheikh myself inshallah. If you wish to contact through Facebook, my user name is, Muhammad Noor Qutawna. You are very smart in your religion, and thanks very much again, Allah be with you :)

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But my uncle lives by Petra, he was gifted rings the size of car tires? Is this normal? Some ancient text inscribed in it very big letters, I believe there were giants.

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your uncle has rings the size of tires? rings of gold? silver? are they encrusted with gems? he might want to call a museum or someone. he is in possession of archeaologocal proof of giants you are telling us? he should tell the world, don't you think. especially if it helps prove the koran?

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Its not surprising. Adam (as) was 70 cubits tall

Even shorter people exist today called midgets so i dont see how cantt Adam be taller.

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Wow very tall! If I only knew the time periods of the people from 70 cubits (105 ft) to only 4 cubits (6 ft). Like how long did it taken and why from such big people to us little weak humans?

(Apr 27 at 21:52) Muhammad noor qutawna Muhammad%20noor%20qutawna's gravatar image

mnq, the pictures of the giant skeletons in saudi arabia was a hoax. you can google it. there is even a guy who has a video of himself photo shopping one. some peole believe adam was 8 or 900 years old too. some muslims say the people of ad were giants and built the pyramids. there is no archaeological evidence of their ever being humanoid giants.

wasaway, so do you know were gog and magog are? you think they are humans and on earth right now behind the iron and copper wall built by the two horned king?

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Yajuj majoj are imprisoned by dhul qurnaim

(Apr 28 at 12:58) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image

No... It's real, in the Quran it said Allah had created man with vast improvements better Than any other people on earth, do you see Petra, no doors are 10 times the size of a modern human for nothing. And Dhulqarnayn the great leader is all true, he did have a two horned helmet, you should study some Islam. Gog and Magog are actually coming, only Allah knows where gog and Magog are, Allah is certainly the greatest.

(Apr 28 at 13:00) Muhammad noor qutawna Muhammad%20noor%20qutawna's gravatar image

There are some narrations in which ordinary people did come across such a wall.

(Apr 28 at 16:27) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image

Unless you speak of the wall of dhul qarnayn? With gog and Magog?

(Apr 28 at 16:38) Muhammad noor qutawna Muhammad%20noor%20qutawna's gravatar image

No there are other in which they encountered;

Imam Al-Bukhari transmitted in his Sahih the following Hadith: A man told the Prophet (S.A.W.S) that he had seen the dam of Gog and Magog. The Prophet (S.A.W.S) asked: “How did you find it?” The man said: “I found it like Al-Burd Al-Muhabbar (striped garments).” The Prophet (S.A.W.S) said: “You have seen it.”

(Apr 28 at 16:59) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image

It is said that the Caliph, Al-Wathiq, sent some messengers with messages to different kings to ask them to travel from one country to another till they reached the dam and affirmed its reality. When they came back to the Caliph, they described it to him saying that it has a huge door with many locks. It was very high and the remnants of its building materials and tools were kept there in a tower. Also, there were still guards keeping an eye on it. They added that its location was on the north-east side of the earth..

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It was also said that their land was very spacious and that they lived on farming and hunting and that their numbers were countless

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Brother than how haven't they found it now, technology is so complex they can scan the earth with no problem? Are there pictures? Also my father had told me, a group of companions of the prophet peace be upon him had gotten lost at sea, and landed on an island where they found Dajjal, sitting on a massive throne in chains, with the dab al arth, they were scared, the beast told them that soon Dajjal will be released and he will try to persuade to others that he is god, the companions made there way back to the prophet and told him, they have seen the throne of dajjal and the beast too

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Noor like they say what Allah wills it happens. If Allah doesn't want it to be found they won't be able to find it, as long as He wills.

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