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As salamu alikum, dear brother, i have a very close friend who is very pious and obeys the law of islam but his mother is addicted to commit zina with different people though his father is alive. She used to do this bad things as if her husband does not know. But my friend is very tensed what to do in this type of problem according to the holy Quran and Sunnah. Though he tried to advise her mother to reject those deeds cordially but she is not paying any heed to him. So, what should he do? Does he need to convey this to his father or advise his father to give talaq to her. Though his father also does not obey the islamic rules properly and my friend thinks that his father also know something about her bad deeds.

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Don't be scared to tell your father the truth. His mother is close to Jahenam, for zina is a major sin. I wouldn't want my wife to go out and commit zina while I'm not aware, if I find out I'll be furious! He must divorce her and he must take full cover on all the possessions, the house, the children, and even the bank accounts. She is not worthy to be a wife of such man. Allah guide you brother .

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jazak Allah brother 4 ur answer. But if his father does not want to divorce her knowing all the things and ordered his son to keep quiet, what that son is supposed to do then? And also his son has no clear proof of that sin that he can show.

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If the father doesn't care that his wife is doing such an act than he can leave it be. I do not understand why he could leave his wife to do zina but only he and Allah know.. If the son has no clear proof to show, have him get proof, if he cannot in day of judgement the snow will melt and all the proof will be there, when the almighty questions your family about their lives. A son must listen to his father? But for things that are anti Islamic like zina, I suggest making the family closer to Islam, tell them of gods punishment for the people of zina please brother, Allah help them.

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