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Asalamo alikom, I am a young, woman got married some years ago, and I now have 2 children. I married a man who was in love with me while I didnt feel a single thing towards him. Time passed and i wanted to have a child because I hoped that it might make me feel something towards him, but that feeling never came! Some years later I got my second child and the feeling still wasnt there. I went to a psychologist and hoped she could help me but she couldnt! I still do my best to give him what he wants as husband, but the feeling of passion and wanting to live for him isnt there. I am a dreamer and the most important thing for me in this life is love. Unfortunately I fell in love with my cousin while I was married and have children. I am as lost as I could ever be. The only thing I can think of now is to get divorced, but I keep pushing that idea away for the sake of my children, we keep arguing and then I think that I would rather get divorced than to make my children live in a house of hate arguments and problems. Sometimes I just cant take him, every time he gets too close I hide and cry. That other guy knows about our problems and he says that if anything happens he is willing to take care of me and my children! But I have no idea what to do and how to get over him so I can try to love my husband(which I actually never could) . And something that destroys me everyday is also the idea that the other guy gets married, and that he is beeing with another girl who isnt me! This idea always makes me so sad and makes me cry. I dont know how to deal with it? I dont know what would happen to me the day i hear about his engagement! I wish he wasnt my cousin, then it would be much easier to avoid him and get easier to get over Him. How am I gonna see him with another woman. But on the other hand, he has to get married because his and my dream will not come true, or will it? Please help me and guide me, I am a good muslim and I pray everyday, and I ask allah for help Thank u!

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You must spend time with your husband to gain a bond towards him, just do not feel like he is some stranger. Maybe your husband is a khabeeth, or very strange person, that must not be trusted. Keep on your relationship, grow a stronger bond. If something extremely bad happens than make talaq or divorce. The other man you love, do not worry about him, you should try to urge a bond. If you feel like there is no other option you leave? 1. It has been narrated by Hazrat Thawbaan radiyallahu anhu, " The fragrance of Jannat is unlawful upon that woman who asks her husband for a divorce for no apparent reason." - Hadith 2. The Prophet sallallahu alaihe wasallam has stated, "Your walking towards the Masjid and returning home to your children, holds the same merit in reward." god bless you sister

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