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Asaalamu alaikum I'm Ahmed, I'm a new Muslim and I did my shahada more than five months ago. Two months ago I met a Muslim girl by chance and we talked just two minutes, but I started to feel something for her. I decided to talk to her wali who is her father but he told me she wasn't ready. So I went out, in the following day I met her again by chance and she told me she had her birthday in this day. So I bought a present for her and I gave it to her and she was happy and she then told me her father didn't talk about me. I want to marry her and I love her and she loves me. We started to talk everyday. And for the first time I felt I was loved by human being. My family rejected me because I converted in Islam, so my old friends and I remained alone. I'm all of my life, nobody showed interest for me, everybody told me I was ugly, they said "you are so ugly, god must hate you because he gave to you a horrifying body", in that period I thought about suicide but I resisted and when I saw the light of Islam, I was saved. She is the only girl who showed I can be love, she is a born Muslim and pray regularly and for her this feeling is new. She is so beautiful and she receives many proposal of marriage but she wants me, but her father hates me like everybody else. Allah conducted me to Islam and I like thinking she was brought to me by Allah(s.w.t). I have been alone since I was born, then I met my love but I can't marry her. What's wrong in trying to marry her, why her father hates me, why I don't deserve to live a good life ??

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Thanks brother, I know I don't live in Syria or in Africa. But that doesn't mean my life was easy. My family situation is quite weak. My father forsaken us, and since I was child I grew without a father. When I was at school guy kicked me everyday, they said I was ugly and I was a good person even before I converted and I think I'm a good person, I didn't reply them badly and I simply said God was with me and they didn't blame only me but also God for the body I have. And when you live everyday this situation and when you come back at home and there is nobody who helps you to cheer up, it's awful. I even started to think about suicide, and I overcome it before I converted into Islam and I remained even more alone. No brothers, no sisters wanted to help be. But then I met her, she loves me, in all of my life nobody loved me, nobody. I want to conquer her father too but how ?? My Mather hates me because of my decision, my father forseken me, how can I earn her father trust?? I know she loves me but she tried to convince her father and her brothers, but she fails

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I told you brother, it doesn't matter how bad your life is, I also said you cannot sit there and cry saying "why me?" The real attitude for a man like you is "try me!" People in my neighbor hood don't like me either because I'm muslim. You should do noble things also, to earn the peoples respect, invite them for lunch, dinner, festivals. Even for your family you must show them how noble a real Muslim acts like, respect is earned, not given. I respect you though because I am a muslim and your story made me hurt inside. Show them how much you'll die to care for their daughter. Allah bless you.

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Asalam alikum brother, my name is Muhammad noor. My friend, there are people living lives 100 times as worse than you do, there are people in Syria, Burma, Africa, etc.. That have go go on living horrifying days since their birth. But you shouldn't feel bad about yourself. If you want her father to respect you, you first have to earn it. You must do noble things, like things that Islam would teach us to do. You must invite them over, get to know the family, and you would start feeling like you are part of the family, the father may understand how righteous you are and will accept you for who you are. Ask her what she thinks about marriage, than ask her father and show you know Islam. If you're asking why don't you deserve a good life, it's Allah still tests you upon your patience and piety, because life is a test, you live good or bad, Allah will love you more and more and you will get the great place in Jennah. Also it doesn't matter if you're ugly, real people who actually have a heart would care for your personality and faith to Islam. Allah help you brother, inshallah everything goes well.

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