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Are there more devisions in belief besides Suni and Sheite? Is this what is causing all the fighting, like in Egypt, Syria, Lybia? If this is not the cause, what is the cause?

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yes there are more sects it comes from people going astray from the prophets teachings sunni is the only one that bases the religion on the quran and the prophet muhhamads saaws teachings that is the reason muhammad saaws was sent to us to convey the message and be an example to us but somhow people get off that path and only follow the quran which is rejecting the prophet and the quran because it says in the quran to listen to muhammad too so i dont see how shias are only following quran when it says in there to follow the prophets too there are some sects that say they have found a new prophet and the quran says that muhhamad was the last prophet so they are wrong too i dont know what they are called but they follow the man like he is a prophet which is wrong it dosent even matter what we call ourselves the true path is just those who follow quran and sunnah

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Is that what is causing all the fighting, or is there more to it. This peaceful religion is not very peaceful right now.

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i dont hear of muslim sects fighting they dont get along it dosent mean they are constantly fighting or am i the one living under a rock here? in america i dont hear of this fighting nor do i go against the other sects or encourage people fighting them people need to gently guide them the right way

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Yes, the prophet (saw) said that when time comes islam will be divided into different (73) sect but only one sect will be (choosen) the one on the right side that is the sect which follows the prophet sunnahs & traditions & His sayings this are the elisunnat. So try to follow the sayings, traditions & sunnah of the prophet (saw). Try to learn the hadith and the Qur'an and there meanings and try to abid by it may Allah(swa) guids us to the right path. The elisunnah are not just called by this name and no any groups or nations or a person can calls it body elisunnah except that it follow the right path of the prophet(saw) and pray or do any thing exactly the prophet(saw) does. And the other 72 sect are already astray and will be punish. May Allah(swa) guid us to the right path. Amin suma amin. Allahu alam

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Our Prohet Hz.Muhammed(sav) says that "my ümmet(İslam society)will divide 73 fırka(side,part).only one of them is will be rescue". this part is ehlisünnet.

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