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Assalamoalaykom W.W. Brother's and Sister's in Islam...My wife is want to work in abroad together with my sister...their destination is saudi...and I don't know where they probably assign here in saudi. since, I am working also here in saudi and I don't even know if we are too far from each other or a few distance only from our work site...My question is...the money which My wife's probably earn from working here is it would be HARAM? due to the fact that we are not together and only My sister's her accompanied?

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first of all,a women who is not together with her mahrem(dad,boy,brother,husband) can not go seferi(distant over than 90 km) way.

secondly,tehere are some rules about women of them is tesettür(being covered). second rule is that she won't be alone with a man.tree,she wont be informal with men who are not her mahrem.and four rule is her husband's assent.

anywat,we don't recommend to work to a woman.

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So, it's means...if I allow her to go here in abroad, it would be ok at all...?

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