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Allow me to ask for your view: I just calculated that from my non-Muslim facebook friends 0.1% believe in 9/11 conspiracies, while probably more than 90% of my Muslim friends believe in those theories. It's a critical question, but I honestly would like to hear your explanations. And I think it can be very helpful to hear how external people (me) perceive you (the Muslims).

Definition of conspiracy: Theory that there is a secret plot behind something. 9/11 is probably the most famous. But there are lots more and Muslims keep telling me new such theories of distrust. And I'm not sure if they've heard of the arguments on the other side? For example that the detonation of a self-made 9/11 would have been registered by a seismograph (please keep in mind that in New York City not all seismographs are state controlled!). Of course it's allowed to believe in conspiracies, though.

But since it's the Holocaust Remembrance Day today, let's also remember that in Germany there were vicious conspiracies and rumors about the Jews that led to this tragedy.

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9/11 is story with twists and turns so I have rather debunked it. Let them speak whatever they like, Allah knows best.

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what have you debunked? enlighten us?

(Apr 29 at 13:08) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image

I have no concern who did it.How does it affect me? It doesnt.

It has got many sides and i have other work to do.

(Apr 30 at 14:34) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image

ok. no problem. but that is not what debunked means. to debunk is to prove something wrong. it is an odd word. never thought about where is came from? do you take something out of a bunk? could be like to pull the sheet off of someone in a bunk to show the truth? thanks now i've got to google it. ;)

(Apr 30 at 16:48) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image

I rather meant putting in the dumpster but oh well lol

(Apr 30 at 18:27) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image
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