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Assalamualaykum, I hope u can help me with this question. My husband has recently left me to go abroad for medical treatment for his illness. Now he tells me through a text message that he no longer wants to be with me or come back to me. But he has not said the proper words "talaq" and when I called him and asked him to be clear he was vague and now I feel like I am waiting in the dark. I do not want a divorce, I believe we can work through this difficult time inshallah. We have been married for 4 years and before he left we have been arguing constantly. And also he mentioned he was unhappy that I did not lose weight. Now he won't answer my calls and I want to be there for him but he did not give me his address overseas. Does this mean I am divorced the Islamic way or is there a waiting period for 3 or 4 months? My heart is in so much pain. Please provide me with some guidance and answers as I know it is a huge sin for divorce but if does not want me then he has to let me go in the proper way but I still love him.


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He is sick and that sickness can break a man emotionally and mentally (if the disease is bad). For example, if a man is dying of cancer would he be mentally normal (e.g. irritation, lack of patience e.t.c.) due to all the pain and incoming death?

I am sorry to say but if you are saying he went abroad for treatment then he is in more pain than you and you have to be a little selfless (he may not be speaking with thoughtfulness) in that situation. Pray for him and his health.

"Expect good, because Allah (s.w.t.) makes a believer's sickness an expiation (for his sins) and a period of repose. As for a disbeliever falling sick, he is like a camel whose owner ties it and then lets it loose --it does not understand why it was tied, nor why it was freed."

Recorded by Bukhari in al-Adab ul-Mufrad (no. 493), verified authentic by al-Albani

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