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Assalamualaikum. Brothers, I am afraid I am in a tightspot and am afraid of offending Allah. I am a person filled with anxiety and I need guidance. I have a problem with my head. Sometimes when I tell myself "There is no other god except for allah..", my mind will get confused when i think or speak to fast. And due to the fact the words GOD and DOG have the same number of letters and same letters inside the word, i may have slipped out "there is other dog...". Masyallah, im so scared:(. When i think of dogs, i also tend to think of another haram animal... the pig. Oh no:(. My mind is messed up. I am afriad i insulted god and commited shirk. I need guidance. I pray to allah everytime i perform salah, but im afraid that he may not forgive me and accept my prayer after calling him names of the things we are told to stay away from. And i cant get this out of my head. I feel like im going nuts. I need help brothers:(

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salam brother allah the almighty is the most merciful if you read surah ar rahman from the quran its all about allah and his mercy he is the most merciful and most forgiving. No body is perfect so as humans we will make a mistake and commit sin however I have found out that if you read quran and learn the meaning of the surah's and read with sincerity then inshallah you will get closer to allah and you should repent for your sins with sincerity and allah swt will forgive you as he will forgive us now as long as we a re alive he will forgive us for our sins so don't leave it to the end because if your heart feels pain and you want allah to forgive u then this is the time to repent because then in judgement day allah will be very angry at the people who havegone astray and not listened to his reminders like the quran so always read the quran you can go on Islamic lectures on youtube like Dr Zakir Naik, Ismail Mufti menk, Nouman Ali khan and Hassan ali these have the best Islamic videos which can make us muslims return back to allah and gain his love and pleasure hope I helped and answered ur question brother

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