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According to a prophetic hadith, which mentions that there should not be two religions in the arabian peninsula. How is this Hadith relevant and how is it interpreted. While historically, there has always been a jewish presence in Yemen (for example). Yemen is of course part to the Arabian peninsula (Jazeerat Al-Arab), as was always considered as such. This is also currently used to interpret that churches for christians have no place in the region.

Maa-salama, Yusuf.

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can you state where you found the hadeeth please ive never heard of it, also you said that the hadeeth said there shouldnt be there is a difference between shouldnt be and there isnt any shouldnt be means that it isnt right that there is and this is an opinion dosent nessicarly state anything and there isnt any is that there isnt two religions there and this is a fact that somone would state that would be incorrect so through what you have provided its an opinion not a statement it would be some evidence that churches shouldnt be there but this would be what the prophet wanted not somthing he instructed so by tearing them down or protesting your not going to be fulfilling his wish what this means is that he would have wanted there to be only muslims not that there should be only muslims or that there will be only muslims

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