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Asalaam Alaikum, I am 20 year old girl who has been hearing voices since December 2012. It is a jinn that has possessed me. It tell me to not pray, tries to make me jealous, and says its an enemy of Allah. I have been to many doctors and nothing has helped, it is not a medical problem. Everything was fine before. It started talking to me one day saying it wanted to marry me. It has been trying to control me. I has been praying and saying all my duas, wearing taweez of Grandshaykh `Abdullah al-Fa’iz ad-Daghestani, reading ayatul kursi duas, giving my sadaqa, and hajjat. I am very worried. I have been very sad, and depressed now. I can't go to school or do anything. It has been affecting my health. I feel very isolated and alone. I hear the evil voice inside of me 24/7. Please tell me how to get rid of it. What should I do? I have tried everything. Please help me

Jazzak Allah

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This is because you don't recite Quran and keep it in a shelf. Pick it up and recite it as much as you can for it is a weapon against Shaiytan.

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Hey, that was a good answer, nice job Abdul wasay

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Np. Will miss you. Btw ever need to contact me: i will add you.

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Thanks a lot, my email is

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I know your problem sister. You are most defiantly not supposed to wear a taweez no matter what it says, especially if it's for protection. The only way you can keep the evil away from you is if you make yourself more devout to god. You should go to sheikh to learn more about this jinn possession, I really feel that it's your bad quareen (bad conscience) telling you to stray away from the islamic faith, that's why the shaytan Marid himself is the enemy of Allah the almighty. Shaytan swears to try to make all man against god and evil. There is no evil voices, you shall not worry sister. They are you being too scared to stand up for yourself against the evil jinn. Try saying "audhu billahi min ash-shaytaan ir-rajeem" ( I seek refuge with Allah from the devil and it's wrong doings). You should start understanding that Allah is always and will always be on your side, even the angels, as long as you keep yourself Tahir (pure). Even recite Surat al korsi, angels will watch you even in your sleep.

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Allah bless you sister and I hope you feel okay again.

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