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Salaams. My father age 67 years lives in India and I m the only son and live in dubai with my wife and kids. My father does not want to come to dubai. I have a sister and she is married. We are worried as he is old and it's our obligatory duty to take care of him. What should We do?

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Are you a Muslim? Call him and speak to him.

Don't let the distance between places be a distance between the hearts.

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I'm not telling you to do this but... If my dad lived back in my home country alone, with no care, I would pack my things and fly there, even if my wife has a problem, deal with it! In the Quran it teaches you that you must care for your parents the most, for they had raised you up and taken care of you since you were an infant. If you cannot move there from job problems, I suggest hiring your father a servant who would take care of him and settle all his needs, that's the last straw. Try convincing your father to come and live in Dubai with you, it's such a nice place to live, I can understand if he doesn't wish to live in Dubai, it sure is his home country, I would rather live in a tent on the desert of my own homeland than go and live in a luxury condo in NYC. Allah guide us all brother?

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God bless you and your family friend, I will someday try to visit India, I heard it is a nice place.

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