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Assalamualaikum wa rehmatullahi wa baratuhu. My husband's father wants to complete his dream project - a seven story hotel construction which, is paid in part from interest earned in long period fixed deposit. He intends on bequeathing the property to my husband and 2 other sons, due to which he is forcing us to contribute towards its completion. Keeping in mind the grave implications of engaging in riba, I don't want to contribute. However, parents enjoy high status in Islam and adhering to their demands is the right of every child. How can we not contribute without losing ties with him ? JAZAK ALLAH KHAIR.

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We all know that interest is haram, because interest is a way of theft, it's steals the peoples money by time. Please explain to him the punishment of Allah to people who thieve. Anything that has ties with interest is haram. He must fear god, tell your husband that he should care for his father in the dunya and Akhira. ( present life, and the afterlife), Allah guide you and I hope you make the right decision. As long as you can pay back the interest from the people you've taken it from that may be like an even loan which is halal.

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Use Quran and Hadith references for your answers. I rarely got marks in my test if I didn't include them. (use keywords like chrisitian, jizya, shirk etc to search through and once you find it, then include it in your answer. Use separate style for references ** (makes it bold))

Use Mohsin Khan for Quran translation as it most detailed anc clear.

@Muhammad noor qutawna

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Sorry, I'm waiting for the cancelation of my account for safety purposes

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So you are leaving?

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Yes I think admin had reviewed my message and soon my email will be in safe hands, I don't want to get spams on emails I need for school right?

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Of course reasonable. Create separate email then.

Btw that advice is for future. So take it or leave it.

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Oh I'll take it, I'd like to learn a thing or two and maybe teach people as I use it as well, thanks friend.

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May Allah peace and blessings be on you.

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Hey bro, I think I asked you this 7 times hahaha.l do you have a Facebook account? I had added many Muslims friends from all over the world, I contact them all the time, teaching them and learning about life and islamic guidelines.

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I left facebook.

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