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Assalamu Alaikum My Younger brother was not in talking terms with my mum , sisters and my family. This happened due to his greediness for our dad's property which he wanted to take after my dad's death.He was supporting my dad's defacto partner who was also after the property. During 2013 eid he had some issues with the defacto partner. He even took my mums and my families belongings from our family house and brought it to our house. My mum recently visited Australia to my sisters house and my brother came and was asking for forgiveness from my mum. My mum has forgived him. He wants to come back to out family but my wife is against it as she said he is back for a reason. Please advice if we shall accept him or not.

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Ask them, your wife and brother, what's the catch, cause only Allah knows what mans true intentions are, as long as he isn't playing anything dumb with you and your whole family he should be a worthy man of approval, Allah be with you all.

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Thanks Brother Noor. My wife adviced that he is coming back to the family to ruin us as we had established our own business. I am still undecided as he told my mum that he will be coming home in June.

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You can have him as your brother, but you don't have to put him in your business, always love your brother, learn to forgive, show him the way Allah teaches humans to have a clean heart. Nothing should go wrong, Allah be with us all brother?

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Thanks bro.I was told by my wife if he comes to our house she will go and take the kids until he is with us. I am trying to reunite the family but she is saying otherwise. What shall I do.

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I would follow your wife, the kids are the most important, Allah doesn't like a women who deprives the father of his children over nonsense problems, have your brother talk to your wife and find if they can solve a solution. Your wife is not a noble lady if she takes the kids and leaves until your brother leaves the household, she will than become the main problem of the family, Allah inshallah have her soul softer and give her a bigger warm heart.

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