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I have been engaged for 3 years now. It has been a very difficult journey. We are human, and we are committing sins by being in this relationship, i am losing my imaan, i even went to umrah with this guy with my family, we NEED a nikkah done as soon as possible but his parents want us to get married when he gets accepted into med school which is in a year or two, but i hostly can not take it any longer, what if i die tomorrow or tonight knowing i was unmarried and committing sin with my fiancé who is a non mehram, it is not fair to us that we are put into this relationship for 3 years and expected to wait any longer to have a nikah, We decided to talk to the parents about nikah this summer but what if they disagree, do we go on with life waiting until one day we comitt a huge sin! or even die , only ALLAH knows when our time will come but i need to be prepared!

Please tell me what you think i should do if his parents say no to nikkah and prolong it even after being engaged for 3 years!

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Your parents are doing it wrong. They cant prolong it that much, and of course it difficult to endure knowing you aren't married to your husband yet.

I would suggest do nikka with other wali (guardian) if your parents disagree because it seems to me 3 years is more than enough.

You should hasten the nikkah and if you get imam involved. Parents can,not be always right.

Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) reports the Prophet (pbuh) to have said, "There are three people whom Allah will surely help: a warrior in the cause of Allah, a slave who wants to free himself by a payable contract and whoever seeks chastity by marriage."[5] [Narrated by At- Tirmidhi]

And foremost seek help of Allah!

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JazakuAllah Khair your answer has brought me great relief. InshAllah will do what is right!

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