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please answer the following questions about the earnings from cell phone business.

  1. is earning from cell phone sale and purchase halaal ?

  2. earning from Transferring data from one cell phone to another cell phone including phone contacts,songs and pictures ? we should do it or not ?

  3. earning from updating different mobile phone software to updated version ?

  4. earning from what activities with reference to mobile cell phone business is haraam in Islam?

please please please answer I am very much obsessed about it i want to have a really halaal earning.

Looking forward to hear your answers plz.

1/ It's halal to earn money from sale mobile phones if it's new ... If the mobile phones is a used you have make it clear from info and user data and sex app and vedio pefor sale it ...

2/Transferrin data is halal to make money from it (( if )) the data is sex no bad photos and stuff like these...

3/Make money from update cell phones is halal if you by the program the one you use to updat cell phone.. ..(not hacked )

4/ do't cheat eney noe like telling som one this dvice is god and you know it's bad. That is haram and it's money is haram

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