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He hsd all medical tests but dont know the reason of his slow mental development.i pray for him all the timr but somtimes think would Allah ever gna listen my dua

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Some people may not be happy with a child like this, these are the people who are friends with the devil and hell. Allah has brought this child for you to test you, like any other child, if you give birth and you have any child, Allah has made him a baby that he loves more than you. You should take care of him and do not get depressed, please, thank Allah for a beautiful creation he made, as all creations of Allah are wonderful. Your son will be the cause of your salvation, take good care of him and teach him too, Allah Will forgive a mountain of sins and you will be granted paradise. Guaranteed paradise is for the people who take care of the ones who need help. He is the way Allah made him, be thankful. I would cherish every moment with my son, you should with yours. With help and good morals brought by Islam he will become a great gifted man, raise him well please. Allah bring remedy to you and your son inshallah.

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