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I always feel bad inside of myself wen ever i get jealous. Nd its like am d only 1 in dis world dats in this crime. I hate myself wen ever i get jealous. Pls is it natural? What can i do?

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If Ghira (protective jealousy) then the following article is taken for you:

(1)[Sa'd ibn ubaada said: "If i saw a man with my wife I would strike him with the sharp edge of the sword." The prophet (SAW) said (to his companions); "Are you ashtonished by Sa'd's (Ghira) sense of honour? (By Allaah) I have a greater sense of Ghira than he has, and Allaah has still more greater sense of Ghira than I have."]

(2)There is jealousy which Allah loves and jealousy which Allah hates. That which Allah loves is jealousy regarding a matter of doubt, and that which Allah hates is jealousy regarding something which is not doubtful

(3)‘A’isha reported: “Never did I feel jealous of any woman as I was jealous of Khadija. She had died three years before he (the Holy Prophet) married me. I often heard him praise her, and his lord, the Exalted and Glorious, had commanded him to give her the glad tidings of a palace of jewels in Paradise: and whenever he slaughtered a sheep he presented (its meat) to her female companions.”

It is the nature of a woman to be jealous about her husband (thus woman have ghira about her husband). This is a matter that all women feel whatever their level of piety and religion is. If any women could have been free from this, it would have been the mothers of the believers who were pure and whom Allaah thoroughly purified. Indeed 'Aa'ishah may Allaah be pleased with her was jealous over the Prophet sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam ( may Allaah exalt his mention ) when he went out by night [as she thought that he left her to go to his other wives] so when he came back he told her: "O 'Aa'ishah, are you jealous?'' She replied: "How is it that a person like myself would not be jealous about a person like yourself?" [Muslim] However, if this jealousy is beyond the limits, it is dispraised and it might cause the breaking up of the family. So being jealous without a sound religious reason is dispraised and leads to bad assumption, the breaking up of families and other unlimited and unexpected problems. Allaah does not like this kind of jealousy. The Prophet sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allaah exalt his mention ) said: "Allaah does not like suspicion without a sound religious reason [evidence]." [An-Nasaa'ee] (taken from

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Jazakum Lahu Khairan

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