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my wif told me you shouldn'y take photos of naked so thought I'd post a website comment of cautious interest to someone pious enough to recognize that technology is a cause for some concern and analysis

what I mean several conversations concerning photography, music and the arts

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It is already analysed to be bad

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Nudity itself is not good for the mind and soul. If you are nude for art and pictures you are like an animal. Allah bless you friend

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An animal ???

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Sexy picture or sex arts is strongly prohibited in Islam.. As we know that women cover their body part(hijab) must be being a muslim.

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Nope "modern" woman clothes make them nude anyway. Only Hijab is an exception.

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many hadeeth contain the words of Muhammad saws such as both warning and teaching at the same time and I don't know what it would be called a call to humble piety I suppose but he saws surrounds the pithy point with common phrases from the Arabic like shukran, marhaba, inshallah, jazakallahu khair, reminding me of another great teacher gurdjieff - note todays Armenia versus nagorno karabakh conflict in the newspaper - saying the ilm gets deeper and deeper like the steps in a swimming pool

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