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The family of the girl I intend to marry works in Alcohol production.

I have a huge issue with this, especially that since whenever, after marriage, we decide to visit her family anything consumed at their house would have been the fruit of money earned through a haram activity.

Please advise as from one side I do like this person and on the other sides I cannot enter into a relationship that I would not feel comfortable in such situations , or would make my future wife feel estranged from her family.

What is the view of Islam regarding this ( marriage part and fact that I would be in situations where we'd visit her family and you just can't say stuff like I am not going to eat your food or stuff like that, but yet I know its origins ..)

Thank you for clarifying this theologically

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The girl you want to marry amuslima girl? if your anser is yes then marry her lon is she is not part of the alcohol production...if you marred don,t take eney money or fod from shese family...and if you go there for visit do not eat from they,s haram. Allah aalam

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Doesn't matter as long she is not part of that company

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