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I used to be really close to this boy I loved him n I really wanted to marry him. We used to have sexual talks then I found out in islam it's wrong. So 4months ago I just stopped talking to him. After that we haven't spoken. But deep down I miss him n love him. I really want to talk to him but I noe if we start talking it will lead to more stuff. But I can't help it. I love him so much and want to marry him in the future but im only 17 and I won't be aloud to marry him now. :( What shall I do? I don't want to go against islam or my family? can I just message him and have a normal convo? Or is that wrong in islam.

Asalam alikum, If he is your colleague than it fine to talk for school,p things, not haram things like sexual talk, that's very haram, you must have dignity in yourself. Than according to your culture, if your arabic, Chinese, Mongolian, Indian, American, you can get married once your the right age, and the islamic wedding goes on, but before that keep calm, he's just a man no obsessing over him. God be with you.

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Muhammad to be honest ur advice is incorrect

Ur just giving them a chance to lead to a bigger sin and i know how clever a satan is perhaps story of basisa will enlighten u so read that. If sahaba of Prophet muhammad (pbuh) didnot do then how can u?

There is natural attraction between opposite sex and therefore interaction should be only for necessity not socializing. I had fallen for this trap almost once or few times but thanks to Allah. So give her good advice otherwise regret will be with u on qiyamah

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