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you say you worship the same god as christians, But Allah was made up by the prophet Muhummad. He did not exist until Muhummad preached in the name of Allah. He is made up not the God of the Old Testament of Noah, Jacob and Issac. How can you just pick and choose Books of the Bible and then not affirm it all. It does not make sense. Such as the Psalms of David and the Injeel. How can you take the story of Jesus but not fully believe it?

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May Allah swt help you......

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Sister why do you call him not by his name ? Jesus isn't his name yet you call him that ? why haven't you read that book I sent you ? He is yhashua son of Mary who preached the law of Yahweh . The law (torah )old testament given to Moses from who ? Yahweh ! The most high . Now what does Yhashua mean ? It means Yhaweh is our salvation . And yhashua taught to live and follow the laws of Yahweh who sent him! So dear sis before you make false accusations make sure you check your facts . Salaam!

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meg, if that is your pastors arguement, your pastor is an idiot. but it is always strange when to superstitions agrue over the "logic" contained in them. clearly the muslims worship the same mythical being as the jews and the christians. you do know there are unitarian christians who don't believe that jesus is god. as for picking and choosing books, ask your pastor what the gnostic bible is? the dead sea scrolls?

the real question is, why do you believe any of these stories?

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Thank you for your question.

Your questions is very good and many people from Christian background have them. May God guide you, Ameen. May He also guide me to write a suitable answer.

Allah is simply the Arabic word for 'God' (with a capital G). The Prophet (peace be upon him) did not make up this word but this was and is the Arabic language's word for God.

"Allah" is the same word used by Christian Arabs and Jewish Arabs in their Bible, centuries before Islam came. On page one 1 of Genesis in the Old Testament, we find the word "Allah" seventeen [17] times.

As Muslims we believe in the original revelations of God to all the Prophets. These include the original torah, psalms, injeel etc.

However, the current bible is not the original revelation of God to the Prophets before (peace be upon them). It is a mixture of translations based on divine revelations, accounts by historians, scibes, religious opinions and verdicts of some of the authors, opinions of some, etc. The bible has been altered and corrupted and continues till today with the making of new versions and editions. Many of its teachings are beautiful (as you can expect because of its connection to divine revelation), but sometimes there are mistakes, contradictions, and Scientific errors (as you can also expect) because of the time and people it was written by.

Therefore, with regards to the current day versions of the previous scriptures, we affirm what is affirmed by Quran and Hadith e.g, God created the heavens and earth is 6 days (the amount of time that make up 'the day' being unknown).

We reject the points in it that is rejected by the final revelation. E.g. Muslims dont believe in the original sin.

If the Quran or hadith neither affirms or rejects some portion of the bible, we neither affirm nor reject that part, as it may or may not be the original revelation from God e.g. Did the flood of Noah encompass the whole world?

The Quran, since it is the final revelation, has been divinely protected from changes and alterations. It is exactly and totally the same as the Quran recited by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Please read this short booklet as you may find it helpful.

click here

If you have any questions sister please feel free to ask. may God guide you.

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Well said.

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@Umar Abdullah, Allah is never god with a capital or not and this is by definition. This concept you proposed is shirk al kafi. I'm going to pull up the debate on this topic I suggest you and Askislam read it and then we can discuss it inshallah... I will be waiting

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Yes beloved Im very fimilar with the brothers comment, though I disagree for Allah azza waj jall has given us 81 attributes, names , titles, in the quran that equals His majesty and His blessed Rasul saws called Him by 18, which makes up the ninety nine attributes, one of them is al khaliq which means the creator and non muslims understands this title and it is Islamic. The problem with meg is that she is using this pagan title as most of her mindset do, and then she attributes this to the Rabb of all things. So we as muslims cannot attempt to marry paganism with the Sacred name to make a

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point we must stand on the haqq always. For once the facts are presented only then will she and those of her mindset understand that they are calling on and worshipping a taghut which is the devil in many forms. Now I must ask you is it halal for us to call on a taghut, even to make a point? It is a fact that god in any form is a taghut so do we listen to a scholar or what Allah azza waj jall has said? I humbly await your reply... Remind for reminding profits the believers. Salaam

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The names of Yahweh and Yhashua being substituted by pagan gods ( Elohim) , Has brought Immeasurable Harm. Such names as lord , god, jesus ,and Christ in no way represent the meaning of the names reveled by Yahweh . By employing these names , the people unknowingly turn the worship of Yahweh into gods (Elohim) , and actually ascribe the loving and merciful characteristics of Yahweh to pagan gods .
" Let men know that you whose name alone is Yahweh , are the Supreme head over All the earth " ( psalms 83:18) This is A known Fact ! " the name par excellence for the creator is Yahweh , found 6,823 times in the old testament . Yahshua , after he had spoken these words , lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said ,'father , the hour has come, glorify me, that I may glorify You also. As you have given me power over all flesh, that may give eternal life to as many as You have given me. And this is eternal life : That all may know you the one true Father , and Yahshua Messiah Whom you have sent . ( john 17:1-3)

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Note : The Masorites Hebrew scribes during the Middle Ages, who added the vowel points to the accepted Hebrew text, did not remove Yahweh's name form the scriptures . They did however, point the four letter name of Yahweh with the vowel marks of either Elohim or Adonay - pagan names of gods ( Elohim) which had been "accepted" for hundreds of years. Effectively establishing in their writings , what had previously only been "oral customs"! The substation of Yahweh's Messiah " Yahshua", which Means Yahweh Is our salvation ., also has been substituted with the Greek Jeshua ( he is savior), lesous, lesus ,Jesus, and EA- Zeus ( healing Zeus). 'Zeus is the sky god , and is also known as Deus ( latin) , dio ( Italian), Dios (Spanish) Dayu (subscript) And Zeus Sorter , meaning Zeus is savior"... ( Webster's 20th Century Dictionary Unabridged p.2124.

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My Dear sister Meg I am sorry for such a late reply As I wanted to post you this the day I first commented. That being said Asalaamu 3Alaykum Insha Allah All is well with You And Your family .
I am going to start with Names So that Insha Allah You And Readers here can grasp A glimpse Of an understanding of why it is so Important For Us to study/ have belief in All the books As Allah azza wa jall Has commanded us In the Qur'an. In the middle Ages , when the consonantal text was supplied with vowel points by the Masorites , the TETRAGRAMMATION (YHWH) Yahweh , was substituted in over 130 places in the Hebrew Text With The Canaanite GOD (EL) , "Adonay", and in some places Elohim, (God, Gods)
wherever ANTHROPOMORPHISM (= Ascribing the physical attributes of MAN to Yahweh) Was applied. wherever they left the tetragrammation (yhwh( Yahweh) in place they placed diacritical marks beneath it to indicate pronunciation Of the word to be spoken - Adonay , NOT the written Yahweh, which the Israelites after the Babylonian exile considered the name too Sacred to be spoken Aloud, and utter a LESS sacred Name . For Yahweh they have Substituted Baal, which simply means Lord as shown in Unger's bible Dictionary , Under the subject Lord.
Please read carefully As this must be understood. Lord (Hebrew Adonay) An early word denoting ownership; hence, absolute control. It is not properly a righteous title.... master ; of kings as the lord of their subjects. (4) Lord Master (Greek Kurios) Supreme ... (5) Baal means Lord-applied only to heathen Deities , or to man as husband ect) The Babylonian God (el) And Adonay , The Canaanite God (el) of the Phoenicians, Both corresponding to the English Word "LORD"(Unger's Bible Dictionary pp 665). As you can see this is most sad and very disturbing And in no way Represents the meaning of the sacred Name Of Yahweh !! Now I ask you (readers what is the 3rd commandment given to us In the Old Testament ?
let me write it for those who may not know or may not realize.. "you shall not misuse the name of the lord thy god , for the lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuse His Name. ( Exodus 20:7 ) The 3rd commandment .... I will stop here for now, I will come back to finish Insha Allah

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