Salam alaykum,

What is the judgement for person in front of a person praying? And what if that person is a woman or an anima?

Ma salam

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If some one passed in front of another one was praying, he made asin. We must not pass in front of any one who is praying(women or men). When we pass in front of them, we may intrupt their monajah. They may be in a very faithful moment with Allah when we intrupt them. It is a very big mistake to do this. And we will be judged for this. Look with me to this hadith "لو يعلم المار بين يدي المصلي ماذا عليه من الإثم لكان أن يقف أربعين خيرا له من أن يمر بين يدي المصلي‏"‏‎ in this hadith the prophet(pbuh) showed that if the one who pass in front someone who is praying knows how a great sin he did, it would be better to stand forty (days, months, years) than passing in front of this one who is praying..... Scholars said: we don't know exactly if rasulallah meant forty days or months or years...... Any way, this shows that passing in front of someone who is praying is great sin. Wa Allah a'lam

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Just like Lumisho have said it is a great sin to walk pass some one in Salah, but however this ruling is when some one is praying behind a sutra and one walks pass between them and this is why the Prophet [saw] have said if any one try to pass you by while praying between you and the sutra stop them and if they keep trying to pass you after the third time fight them as you are fighting none other then devil.

To conclude you are not allowed to walk pass between praying person and the sutra he is using but if some one prays without a sutra like praying in the middle of the masjid or at the back where there is no sutra then there is no sin walking pass them as long as your not too close to them. Allah knows best.

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