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why does allah allow suffering to children?

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because its a test to see who will help them and also the children suffering comes mostley from humans people who leave their children put them up for adoption and people dont help them but if you go somwhere like palestine you wouldnt see that we have somthing where you "adopt a child" youu dont really raise them you just give them finantial aid which is the best kind of help most families follow this system you give money to their parents so they may care for a child families that are poor one parent or a foster child brother or sister if we all helped there wouldnt be any need for this question

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thank you :)

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That isn't 4 children. There is men, women, old, young. But don't u see that if there weren't those who don't have, the one who have wouldn't give. Then there is no thank to Allah and then there is no hasanat. See that, the one who have thank Allah 4 his blesses and the poor one look to the poorer and thank Allah. If there weren't poor people, all people would be the same. Then we won't see how bless we are in. There wouldn't be a reason to thank Allah 4. See that the poor one has advantages more than the rich one as there aren't alot to be judged at but the rich would be asked about every pound and alot alot..... They aren't suffering, the rich one who is suffering. And the poor one if he is suffering now, he would be rewarded in judgement day. Don't u see that rasulallah suffered all his life till his death. He lost his parents and worked at the age of 12 and he was starving sometimes. And see, how Allah will reward him.... Allah is wise and everything he does is the best to us.

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In what point?

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like the kids who dont have a family got no food water clothing.

(Apr 13 '12 at 12:46) Sadiah Sadiah's gravatar image
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