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.......Dear Yaqin , Assalam alay kum , thanks for replying ,...... but , better , if you or any body else could reply , as to ,....... Had there happened something , before this Ayah ? , and , if yes , then , what happened , what Rasool ( pbuh ) said in farewell sermon , ......that , Allah said , that ,......... " This day, I have perfected your religion for you , completed My Favor upon you, and , have chosen for you Islâm as your religion " ? , ...........and , so , why Islam was not perfect or complete before that , as per the say of Allah ? , ......Could you or any body else , reply in details , for the knowledge of me and others here , thank you , With regards mansoor noorani ,

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Islam was,not perfect before because it was localized. Now its for whole humanity, and for that purpose it has to be perfect irrespective of time and locality (see now Islam that started from Arabia is now in UK where I am right now as an example). Therefore, Islam got perfected for whole of humanity regardless of the race.

Every other Prophet before our Rasool (pbuh) taught message to a specific group of people e.g. Moses (ra) was sent for the jews, Jesus (ra) also for the jews.

Islam provides grounding for how to run a state to how to pray as a parable for its perfection.

Hope you understand as I have used but very few examples.

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