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If you say you belong to the muslim ummah and you support the doings of all muslim people, some of them might not be doing what you think. Boko haram of Nigeria had recently kidnapped many girls, this is strictly against Islam. Doesn't matter what message they're trying to show out or warning, it's still haram, even if you are muslim and you think this is correct, you shouldn't if you know this is the wrong thing to do, for now on many non Muslims have been giving me all this crap about Muslims being kidnappers, rapists, and pedophiles, that is all wrong and haram. Just one question, why do you think this insane Boko Haram had done this? I know Hammas, Taliban, or the checniyans had never kidnapped innocent young women, why this man? I am muslim, and I know all Muslims are supposed to be righteous. Allah guide us all.

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mnq, you must be too young to know or remember. the chechyans attacked a school in beslan in Russia. killed hundreds of children. the attacked a movie theater in Moscow, hundreds died again. although mosts died from the gas the Russian pumped not the theater hoping to knock everyone out. too much gas. but you can google it. there are videos of the muslims in their suicide vests, a couple of black widows among them. as for hamas, they don't have the ability to attack into Israel and take women. I imagine they would if they could. there have been several muftis whohave called for the Palestinian

(May 07 at 11:49) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image

muhjideen to take jewish women as war booty. enslaving the conquered as war booty is a principle in jihad. there was a woman in Kuwait who called for the taking of Russian women to be sold as concubines in Kuwait. go to on the hadith button there is a drop down for searching the hadith. click that and search bukhari with coitus interuptus. you will see raping your captives is allowed.

(May 07 at 11:53) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image

muhjideen to take jewish women as war booty. enslaving the conquered as war booty is a principle in jihad. there was a woman in Kuwait who called for the taking of Russian women to be sold as concubines in Kuwait. go to on the hadith button there is a drop down for searching the hadith. click that and search bukhari with coitus interruptus. you will see raping your captives is allowed.

google video of London cartoon protests, you will see one guy say, "we'll take your wives as war booty".

(May 07 at 11:56) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image

Mike don't answer my questions, you never provide me with an answer, just criticism that makes me think you're closer to being a racist ku klux klansmen than a righteous human being.

(May 07 at 20:34) Muhammad noor qutawna Muhammad%20noor%20qutawna's gravatar image

Check the comment and answer

I have my doubts that he is a muslim. Pretty deceiving name if he isnt

(May 07 at 20:55) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image

Of course he isn't a muslim Abdul, he told me hem didn't like Islam. Well man if you don't like Islam and don't wish to learn and convert others, than don't be on the site! Like come on.

(May 07 at 21:22) Muhammad noor qutawna Muhammad%20noor%20qutawna's gravatar image

a_w, how is my name deceiving? i've never claimed to be a muslim. i'm an atheists.

mnq, not sure were i've ever answered your questions, only commented. but you statement of other muslims have never... clearly you aren't old enough to remember the 70s and 80s with the muslims hijacking planes all the time. have you never seen the movie munich? good to hear you read the news. but like i said nothing new. did you see another massacre on monday, the village is claiming 300 dead. as for being on this site i've learned alot.

(May 08 at 11:50) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image

Whatever mikejm4 said. is absolutely based on truth. He's showing us a picture which we don't want to see because we Muslims had made some big mistakes. If mikej4 is an atheist and ex muslim then I am quite surprised that he is alive.

You know what drive me crazy about atheist ppl is that they believe everything is made out of nothing. Hahaha

I went to oxford about 2yrd ago on physics project where I was privileged to meet Stephen Hawking(One of the greatest physics scientist of all time )And he said there is some supernatural power who controls the galaxies and everything.

Atheist = loll

(May 08 at 20:22) Askislam2014 Askislam2014's gravatar image

Good looks my boy askislam, you're muslim I still feel for you bro. And mike, stop talking to me, you Already know..

(May 08 at 21:08) Muhammad noor qutawna Muhammad%20noor%20qutawna's gravatar image

ask, who said i'm an ex-muslim? i'm an ex catholic.

who said atheists believe everything came from nothing? that would be denying the law of the conservation of matter and energy. and when did hawkings tell you this. if he actually did 2 yrs ago he has changed his mind. pasadena california, april 16th 2013 he said our universe didn't need any divine help to burst into being. he was also quoted as saying "what was god doing before the divine creation? was he preparing hell for people who ask such quetions." you might want to google 'stephen hawkings no god' and correct or update yourself.

(May 09 at 10:20) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image

nevertheless, i'm impressed that you worked at oxford. what was this project?

if you believe in god, who/what created god?

(May 09 at 10:23) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image
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"True" Muslims are righteous.

  1. Narrated Aisha, Ummul Mu’minin: The Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) said: By his good character a believer will attain the degree of one who prays during the night and fasts during the day. Sunan of Abu-Dawood – Book 41 Hadith 4780

  2. Marrated Jarir bin Abdullah: Allah’s Apostle said, “Allah will not be merciful to those who are not merciful to mankind.” Sahih Al-Bukhari – Book 73 Hadith 42

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Thanks Abdul, you are a good muslim and you always give me an answer that I know is right. Allah bless you brother

(May 07 at 20:35) Muhammad noor qutawna Muhammad%20noor%20qutawna's gravatar image

Praise be to Allah. Lets meet in paradise inshallah

(May 07 at 20:46) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image

The question still remains.

WHY do we Muslims seem to have some/many extremist cults?

I mean, Isn't Islam's teaching incomparably more just, righteous, fair, balanced, merciful and good than any other ways of life? Why would we then have some or many extremist groups among us? Good question.

A number of reasons, some possibly being:

1) Muslims are perhaps the most religious and devout people of faith in the world or some of the most religious people in the world. And with devoutness (a positive) also comes extremism and fanaticism (a negative). So while we rightfully take pride in saying that in terms of actual believers and practitioners, Islam is the largest religion in the world, we also need to realize there are some negatives that come with such a large quantity of religiosity. Of course we'll have the most number of fanatics if we have the most number of religious people overall.

2) The concept of jihad is a legitimate concept if applied properly; and it can be a type of terrorism if misunderstood and misapplied. It is like a loaded weapon: it can be used for good and to defend, and it can also be misused for harming others. Many other faiths don't have such a concept. Because our faith does, it can and will be misapplied.

3) Religious education is sorely lacking; typically fanatical groups have extremely minimal exposure to a scholarly understanding of Islam.

4) Religious leadership as well is disunited; every loud voice can potentially become a leader merely by shouting loud enough.

5) Extreme frustration with the economic situation of many of those involved in such groups, coupled with a lack of hope in alleviating their dismal situation. For those with no hope, fanaticism and over zealousness gives them some hope. When there is no alternative, extremism becomes normal.

6) The political and economic grievances wrought by modern colonialisation and Western hegemonic policies that strip from the locals their own national resources in order to benefit Western powers. Nigeria, for example, has massive amounts of natural fuel, yet Western companies are the primary (exclusive?) beneficiaries of this resource. After decades of living in poverty while you see Western powers become richer and richer, it is easy to blame everything that emanates from them as being evil (hence 'Boko', or Western books and education, is 'haram' for them)

7) Lack of political leadership from within the Muslim community. When our own rulers compete with one another to build taller and taller buildings, or spend tens of millions refinancing decrepit opera houses in Paris, people become frustrated and angry, and take matters into their own hands.

What other factors can you think of that would explain the existence of such groups?

[Answer based on a post by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi]

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@mqn, Abdul wasay and mike I am sorry if I hurt your feeling. As far as it concerned with jihad and my knowledge, I'll be posting a question very soon about and we can discuss it over there. I might have poor knowledge about jihad but I can tell you one thing for sure you won't be able to win the discussion. I mean discussion not an argument. I'll see you on my post about jihad.

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Bruv you are standing on the wrong place then, all of those mentioned organisation have done this b4

answered (suspended) Askislam2014's gravatar image

The worst that some can do is kill u. So dont fear death, fear Allah as it is Him u will meet after death

(May 07 at 21:56) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image

yeah mnq, you shouldn't fear death. no muslim here should. in fact you should seek death in jihad. why don't everyone here go fight jihad with the palestinians or the syrians, whichever side you think is on the proper jihad. teh best house in the highest lever of paradise awaits.

(May 08 at 11:55) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image

I don't think we brothers should fight over Hammas, Taliban, or the Chechnyans .... all three are fighting for their freedom .... but I am very confused about Boko Haram ..... any of those org. doesn't represent Islam .... In Islam our leader should be one & we all should unite together

(May 08 at 16:25) ArIF Rahman ArIF%20Rahman's gravatar image

You have a good point arIF Rahman, and askislam.. Keep on it bro.. Like 2 strikes right... And @abdul_wasay you my bro,don't worry islam Is the true religion and I would die for it any day, so mike you can hate all you want, I'd take 2 bullets in the head to defend my islamic land and the worship of Allah. I fear Allah more than the pain of death.

(May 08 at 21:12) Muhammad noor qutawna Muhammad%20noor%20qutawna's gravatar image

@muhammad do you think what talibans are doing is right? They are terrorists and try to implement their own religion. They are the cause of fitna.

Can I ask what do you mean by Muslim land ? Look after prophet hazrat umar expanded Islam by conquering non Islamic States from Spain to India. It wasn't muslim land but became muslim land.

As you said you wouldn't mind dying defending your land. U know what people say about us we have nothing just to die. You know what I believe, live (because anyone can die) and defeat your enemy in their strong field.

Do u agree??

(May 08 at 22:16) Askislam2014 Askislam2014's gravatar image

ummah of Islam from long ago had conquered land from Spain to China, to spread the word of the true relgion and bring greatness to their Islam, Islam is not about war, but to conquer the lands you win for the glory of Islam!

(May 08 at 22:30) Muhammad noor qutawna Muhammad%20noor%20qutawna's gravatar image

It is inappropriate to call me a non-Muslim

Well it didn't bring the greatness however it brought an accusation of spreading Islam by sword.

If we can fight for our land then they should fight back and get their land back. Listen this argument doesnt make sense. Oh right.

We all know we Muslims can't fight with non Muslims. They can smash all of us anytime. They got hydrogen bombs

(May 08 at 22:48) Askislam2014 Askislam2014's gravatar image

I am not Taliban. I live in America. Perhaps people here may be frightened of the Western government where they live, loving the media, following everything that is against Islam. Some People of such thoughts may never think of a terrorist who isn't muslim. The opinions presented can't change me to hate ones who fight for their religion and freedom. Bye

(May 08 at 23:14) Muhammad noor qutawna Muhammad%20noor%20qutawna's gravatar image

What sort of religion and freedom is that which kills innocent people. This is not Islam. My two cousins passed away coz the taliban killed then in bomb blast. You don't know how it feels like when your close ones are killed in the name of freedom and religion.

I would ask about your taliban ummah when they ll kill your family member

Talibans are evil and you are not right to be supporting then in the name of religion.

(May 09 at 00:17) Askislam2014 Askislam2014's gravatar image

2000 afghanis and 60000 pakistani Muslims died bcz taliban killed them in the name of freedom nd religion My thoughts wouldn't change u as you don't know what I ve been going through 2 cousins and friends in bomb blasting. The talibans are not fighting for freedom. I ain't scared of anyone.Not even the talibans. Inshallah I'll b joining the British army this June and take the 5 month Training for Afghanistan to fight against the terrorist for killing my cousins and friends

(May 09 at 00:32) Askislam2014 Askislam2014's gravatar image

Allah says: "And tell My servants to say that which is best. Indeed, Satan induces [dissension] among them. Indeed Satan is ever, to mankind, a clear enemy." (17: 53) Therefore please be careful that you do not offend the other.

(May 09 at 01:08) UmarAbdullah ♦ UmarAbdullah's gravatar image

Brother Umarabdullah Salam , he mnq is really stupid.

(May 09 at 01:14) Askislam2014 Askislam2014's gravatar image

@Askislam2014 I think you should stop aggressive talks.... did anyone here said Taliban is the bad guy or good guy ?? but you should know they at least tried to establish Islam whether they were successful or not .... you should also agree that at present there is no Islamic State .... and you should learn which countries were responsible for destroying Caliphate* & the current bloodshed on Muslim countries ....then you should decide what would you do not being a British solder(in future maybe) but as a Muslim(if you are a true muslim) first

(May 09 at 02:38) ArIF Rahman ArIF%20Rahman's gravatar image

Askislam are you ok? You seem to talk a lot about killing. I won't kill u I promise.

(May 09 at 05:46) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image

You guys don't know the ground reality

(May 09 at 06:43) Askislam2014 Askislam2014's gravatar image

@askislam2014 I'm calling you put as a little pussy, have a nice time fighting the afghanis that are protecting their own land from damn people who live the across the planet from them, why the hell enter Afghanistan Russia? Britain? American? They have absolutely nothing to do with you nasty people. Leave them alone and the trouble will stop, your cousins and family who died, I'm sorry to hear that. But when they're going to fight against Muslims in their own home, what can I say??? If someone came to my house to kill me and I killed them, does that make me an evil scumbag? Thanks.

(May 09 at 07:12) Muhammad noor qutawna Muhammad%20noor%20qutawna's gravatar image

@muhammad most of the scholars are united against taliban. Sucide bombing is declared haram by all scholars. Those fucking muppids are even destroying mosque by sucide bombing. All those people who goes their for prayer, fu* talibans kill them. What kinda jihad is that? What type of freedom do they want?

(May 09 at 08:29) Askislam2014 Askislam2014's gravatar image

if all scholars declare suicide bombing haram, then why do survey after survey show 30 to 60% support amoung muslims for suicide bombers.

mnq, you are in america? so why don't you go to afghanistan to fight against the american invaders? best hurry, we will be pulling out soon and then the taliban can make a triumphant return to power by killing their fellow muslims. so after the soviets withdrew why did the peace loving muslims fight themselves? "leave them alone and the trouble will stop" lol. right. afghanistan was the model of peace from 1989 to 2001.

(May 09 at 10:41) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image

Beloved brothers vain talk and name calling is unislamic. Know with yaqin if anyone kills anybody unjustly it is as if he killed the whole of mankind, and this is in the sights of Allah azza waj jall. Jihad ul nafs is the greatest jihad and that is the fight within yourself. Fighting for land is the lesser jihad, the term for the cause if Allah has become blurred with misguidance and what I call hislam, and this can be seen in the actions taken that goes against the quran and authenticated sunnah. It is haram for Muslims to cause mischief on earth.ponder that.

(May 09 at 10:59) yaqin ♦ yaqin's gravatar image

but it is just to crucify those who do cause mischief on earth. the kufar have invaded muslim lands, why would it not be just to kill them where every you find them. lie in ambush for them. strike at their necks and cut off ever fingertip.

"if anyone kills anybody unjustly" there's the rub? who are you justified to kill? and who can you take as war booty?

(May 09 at 11:07) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image

Hay mike how you been? Mike when this ayah which you have mentioned came down it was talkking to and about those who violated a treaty they made with the Muslims. In light of this kniwledge it makes your point moot. And you and I have been over this topic about unjustly. So I choose not to revisit it. Salaam

(May 09 at 15:12) yaqin ♦ yaqin's gravatar image

Can someone mute "mikejm4" please or kick him out of this site please?

(May 10 at 01:11) ArIF Rahman ArIF%20Rahman's gravatar image

@Askislam2014 ... if you known the ground reality .... then think of yourself about Palestine, Iraq, Bungui, Myanmar ,...... too ....bye

(May 10 at 01:15) ArIF Rahman ArIF%20Rahman's gravatar image

hey yaqin, I've been good. not sure what verse you thought I was referencing, but it was 5:33. my understanding is that the 5th surah was one of the last revealed shortly before Muhammad's death. what treaty are you referencing. i'm not talking about the after math of the battle of trench?

oh wait, maybe you are talking about the battle of badr? 8:12 and 9:5. are those verses not still commandments the ummah? is it not a just jihad to repeal the americans and the british from Afghanistan and Iraq?

should not the northern/muslim Nigerians strive to establish and Islamic state?

(May 10 at 10:23) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image

whatever became of that Nigerian girl's petition? she didn't what the Christians setting a minimum age for marriage in Nigeria, right?

ar if, why you gotta be like that. so much hate and intolerance from the muslims. you should head to Burma and kill you some Buddhists. the best house in the highest level of paradise is reserved for the martyr. hopefully you will be martyred, insha allah. ;)

(May 10 at 10:29) mikejm4 mikejm4's gravatar image
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