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I don't want to be punished in this world and in the hereafter for this :(

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well i know this. a mosque in boston was talking about martin luther king jr as a person to be admired. and one guy in the mosque got upset and said you shouldn't be holding up a non-muslim as someone to admire. that one guy turned out to be the older brother in the boston marathon bombing.

so what does that tell ya? but it was in america, a land of kufar. so maybe the muslims have been lead astray being around all us untrustworthy non-muslims? confusing isn't it.

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Asalam alikum, It's not haram to support a church football team. If it's all for the fun of the sport and game you can not worry. As long as you stay on the right path to the heavens with the prophets of allah, that is the right way to go. I played wrestling for a school called Bergen catholic, I of course stayed a true muslim, and had fun playing the sport. Our imam had told us just not to let the people of the church or players influence us on sinning and leaving Islam, play to win for the love of the game.

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This answer is not correct

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I disagree brother

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May i have a look at the hadith please?

Email me

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Asker: Oh great :) thank you, but the other answerer said it's not allowed, so now I've got the feeling of uncertainty :/ please start voting which of these 2 answers are truly correct.

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Brother, you have been given a special complete answer you are forgiven for now, follow the instructions.

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CAN I WEAR A CLOTHING ON WICH THERE IS A CROSS? Posted by AskQuestionsInIslamQ&ASession on May 11, 2014 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (0) *Alhamdulilahi'Rabil A'la Min, Wa Salatu Wa Salamu Ala Sayidil Amibyai Wal Mursalin, Am'a Ba'd Fa Audh'u Billahi

Minash' Shay'tan Nirajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim.

Dua Before Reading For Comprehension And Memory :

Allāhumma Swalli ‘alā Muhammadin wa aali Muhammad

O Allah, bless Muhammad and his family

Allāhumma inni asaluka ‘amalan nāfi‘ā

O Allah I ask You for beneficial knowledge

Wa ‘amalan swālihā

and good deeds

wa hifzan qawiyyā

and a strong memory

wa fahman kāmilā

and a perfect understanding

wa aqlan sālimā

and a sound intellect

birahmatika yā arhamar rāhimeen

by Your mercy, O the most Merciful of the merciful ones

Allāhumma Swalli ‘alā Muhammadin wa aali Muhammad

O Allah, bless Muhammad and his family

Asalamu'Alay Kum Wa Rahamtullahi Wa Barakatuh, I am Mufti Mohammad, From Academy Al Madinah, ( i am the one who manages the short term questions, and i give the spiritual cures),, asked me to answer this question for you, : Question Type : Other Question : Is it okay if I support a football team whose badge has a flag containing the Saint George's cross; Are there Hadiths that oppose it?

I want to make sure that it's okay because there are Hadiths which are against Crosses.

Al-Bukhaari narrated in his Saheeh from ‘Aa’ishah (may Allaah be pleased with her) that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) would never leave anything in his house on which there were any crosses without erasing them or – according to another report –cutting them out

There is also a Hadith that mentions what one should do should he encounter a cross:

“Whoever among you sees an evil action (munkar), let him change it with his hand [by taking action], and if he cannot, then with his tongue [by speaking out], and if he cannot, then with his heart [by feeling that it is wrong], and that is the weakest of faith.” (Narrated by Muslim).

Muslim also narrated that Abu’l-Hayaaj al-Asadi said: “ ‘Ali (may Allaah be pleased with him) said to me: ‘Shall I not send you on the same mission that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) sent me? Do not leave any image without blotting it out and do not leave any built-up grave without levelling it."

Brother, let me start by telling you that we muslims do not believe that Jesus (as) was a god and that he was crusified. We believe he was a mighty messenger like all other prohpets.


He said: "Nay, I am only a messenger from thy Lord, (to announce) to thee the gift of a holy son. 20 She said: "How shall I have a son, seeing that no man has touched me, and I am not unchaste?" 21 He said: "So (it will be): Thy Lord saith, 'that is easy for Me: and (We wish) to appoint him as a Sign unto men and a Mercy from Us': It is a matter (so) decreed." (19:19-21,)

It is not permissible to wear any clothing or sign that ressembles other religion, faiths. It is shir'k, allah does not forgive shir'k. Clearly, Logically, The sins that aren't forgiven by almighty allah, makes Jahanam Halal upon you, And makes Jannah Haram for you. Now that you know it is Shir'k, it is forgiven. But if you wear it again it will be considered as Shir'k. You may, replace the cross bby sewing another cloth on top of it.

Here are some sahih hadiths :

Muslim men and women should not wear religious dresses of other religions: Muslim men and women should not wear religious dresses of the other religion because it is damaging for the faith and practices of the Muslims.

Following Hadiths make this point clear:

1.Reported by Ibn Umar radi Allahu anhu that Rasulullah salal laho aliehi wasalam said: Act against contrary to the polytheists (Muslim : Hadith 500)

2.The Messenger of Allah salal laho aliehi wasalam said: Whosoever imitates a nation is amongst them. (Sunan Abu Dawud,)

These two hadiths make it clear that Muslim women must not wear the dress of the nuns and locket having design of cross on it .Similarly Muslims should not wear the turbans like Sikhs or shave hair like Buddhists .They should wear their own islamic dresses and should avoid copying others.

Qur'an describing shir'k, :

“Surely Allah does not forgive that anything should be associated with him, and forgives what is besides that to whomsoever He pleases, and whoever associates anything with Allah, he devises indeed a great sin.” (Surah an-Nisā’ 4:48)

“Surely whoever associates (others) with Allah, then Allah has forbidden to him the garden, and his abode is the fire; and there shall be no helpers for the unjust.” (Surah al-Mā’ida 5:72)

“Do not associate aught with Allah; most surely polytheism is a grievous inequity.” (Surah Luqmān 31:13). “And whoever associates anything with Allah, he devises indeed a great sin.” (Surah an-Nisā’ 4:48) “And worship Allah and do not associate anything with Him.” (Surah an-Nisā’ 4:36) “Certainly they disbelieve who say, ‘Surely Allah is the third (person) of Three’; and there is no god but One God.” (Surah al-Mā’ida 5:73) Basically, it is Shir'k and abstain from it. Here is a Wazifa for you, read it daily, morning and night for protection from Shir'k, : SPIRITUAL CURE: Read : *JAZALLAHU ANNA SAYYIDINA WA MAWLANA MUHAMMADAN SALLAHU ALAIHI WA SALLAM MA HUA AHLUH, Before starting and at the end of the recitation.

Sincerly, Mufit Mohammad, from Academy AlSunnah, ''if you have any questions regarding islam, please send us your question on: we will answer with qur'an and sahih hadith''. -Jazakallahu Khayra.*

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the answer is complete.

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Strictly speaking it is prohibited to admire anyone not Muslim. But if I were you, I don't mind supporting.

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This answer is not correct

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Lol he skips straight to fatwas. Oh man

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askislam, you of the hanbali madhab?

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@mikejm4 hanbali madhab??? What the f*** is that?

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