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As the title says. Its for my own observation.

Your ideal can be celebrity , singer etc (of any time and age)but specify only one.

I will post my answer in last.

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Prophet Muhammad peace and blessing be upon him, the final prophet, he is my role model, and I wish to live in the way he did.

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He pbuh was so perfect. No one can live the way he lived. He had a very strong iman.

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Okay good comment brother, I like that. You're right, but he is only human too you know? Allah had opened his chest and took out the bad conscience and replaced it with a muslim conscience, while we have good and bad consciences. Good answer friend.

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Askislam answer pls ?:)

(May 07 at 22:04) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image
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Aside from iteebah (the best example to follow) and Al Kaliq. Mine would be My Husband .

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Muhammad (peace be upon him) is my role model.

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Very nice comment friend

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Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) is the best example ever in the face of the earth. :) Now when you asked this question, you put singers, celebrity in example, why would you do that? Yes it's true now a days a lot of us has been tricked by Shytan to see those as our role model, but those are just going to bring destruction...

So our Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) is the only role model that we should take :) :) I want to be with him in Jannah :) :)

Just think how fun it would be! Talking with him there about what we did in earth :) :) :)

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It was a test that is why

(May 10 at 13:41) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image

Rasoolullah Muhammad S.A.W.

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Anyone who brings good to humanity.

  • The Prophet brought this amazing religion & ended ancient Arab customs such as burying new born female baby. He taught us how important it is be be good and honest. He taught us that smiling at someone increases your good deed (Hasanat).

I also appreciate those who fought for human rights and/or civil liberties such as Martin Luther King. Also, those who devoted their lives to bring justice to their people such as the Indians including Gandhi who challenged the British imperialism in India, Omar Almokhtar in Libya, and many others in different parts of the world.

Those are what I aspire to be like & wish to follow their footsteps in order to end the dictatorship/royals/military roles in the middle east.

this is general not specific.

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Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH is my one and only role model :) I just need to keep working on following his Sunnah and teachings and strive to learn more about him In Shaa Allah.


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The Prophet PBUH is the only perfect example to walk on the face of this Earth- so he is my role model and always will be :)

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To be honest there is no doubt that muhammad pbuh is our role model. His pbuh level is too high for us lot to even think about it.

because I am a student of science and believe in humanity first. So: Benjamin Franklin and Michele Faraday

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@abdul wasay

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Me of course like duuuuh

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