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Assalamu alaikum, I live in a society where bowing, bending or kneeling to elders while greeting them to show sign of respect is nearly mandatory. What is the position of this act in Islam?

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the companions once went to send letters to the kings of all the contries around them asking them to join islam the proper greeting of course is to bow to the king and one of the idol worshippers began to warn najashi and the other kings that they are disrecpectful and they are foolish they refuse to bow to the king and you shouldnt welcom them in your contry or accept their invitation so when they arrived al najashi asked them about this and they said that they refuse to bow down to anyone other than allah of course the man warning them was correct but they gave a very reasnoble explanation they said no one other than allah is worthy of worship. But regardless al najashi allowed them to stay in his country and eventually converted to islam. As you see from this story bowing to a king is just as you have said a sign of respect but in islam its haram the act of bowing down was only made to bow down to allah and by bowing to others you are giving them such high praise that only allah deserves and we were only created to give to allah.

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There are different type of bowing, one is to lower your head slightly and the second is to completely bowing which causes your whole head and back to bend until you see your feet beneath you, so what is the difference between the two.

The first one which one slightly lowers his head out of respect for the elders and it is a culturally done with the intention of for respect for the elderly, then this one is a allowed and it is not against the teaching of Islam.

The second which one completely bows his head and his back in the position of Salah and they are doing it out of respect and it is culturally done by that people, then this type of bowing is forbidden in Islam and it is against the teaching of Islam, that is because this position of bowing with your whole body is done only for Allah alone and no one can share the worship of Allah.

As for Sajda prostration whether it is done out of culturally or not it is totally forbidden in Islam and who ever does for any other then Allah has committed a shirk. Allah knows best.

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asalaam aleykum

we all know and understant that:-

bowing has got several meanings

example.... Japan..learn to bow to America

here bowing before Allah(jala w alaa) is living according to His rules and regulations

but bowing to a human being is Just a matter of respect... similar to the father and sons of Prophet Yaaqob(a.s) when he went to Egypt.

so bowing as a Respect i think it is OK in Islam

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pay attention to my story it was also only for respect to bow to a king and they still refused

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if we just quote kuran verse it says

"Idh kala rabuka sjuduu Li = for and not Alaa = to(adam) so bowing as human respect similar to brothers and Yusuf father they bowed. As i have given small example of bowing in deeds is only for Allah.

however this is just exchanging of views and best knowledge is with Allah.

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