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is plecking eyebrow for ladies allowed in islam?

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the hadeeth that said making spaces in your teeth and getting tatoos is haram also said the plucking of eyebrows is haram but in a different narration aisha said that its okay for your husband as long as you do not make them thin like the jahiliya women who were prostitutes so im guessing this means only the middle but if your not married dont do them for example im not married so i dont do them but if i ever do get married i would only to please my husband

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To change anything in your body specially to pluck your eye brow or to pears your nose or the top lip is totally forbidden in Islam as there is a hadith which the Prophet [saw] have said the woman who pluck their eye brow Allah curses them. this Hadith can be found in the Sahihayn

And also to change your skin colour are all forbidden. Allah knows best.

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