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Feature think I have been cracked I make my own vinaigrette to Car mike I'll fruit and vegetables fruit super important to get I was very lucky I only fast-evolving I like to take up that much maybe for me feeling proud I would I have to be the best wait publicly even my she let hurry shouldn't I need to lose weight makes you happy with Anesthesiology or physiotherapy rating like that all these tips that I'm mentioning are from personal experience is that in the last few months I think I start in August I've dropped 30 pounds and I did that all entirely using healthy techniques and chips that research myself that's why I'm making is for you to share with you and you guys can help me pick up on these tapes and use them to your own benefit I do think this in going to be a long video and try not to make it because I actually have one hour sit on this show I might wish to something I if you have any. Questions feel free to leave them down below and I will answer them to the best of my ability I have three new year's resolutions number one is my filming schedule involving you toucan you guys because href="">slendera garcinia cambogia my life that I YouTube is incredibly busy like I'm running on very little sleep I need to come up with a schedule that effective for both you guys and myself so I was thinking is just a tiring out for every Saturday I would film videos I would at them and then upload them during the week and I would also answer any kind email that you sent me on Saturdays a second new year’s resolution and when I hope the United.

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