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I have been in a relation from a really long time with a person whom I really love. He lives in another country. He is 25 and I am 21. We dont try to meet untill we become mahram to eachother just for the sake of Allah swt and have decided to avoid every possibe thing which may displease Allah. He has been sending me proposals but everytime gets rejected. I am really very deppressed. I dont want to commit a sin and want to get married as earlier as possible. I can not stop talking this is my weakness inspite of feeling guilty most of the times. He is very mature and sensible. He is a good Muslim as well Is there any duwa I should make to Allah swt to make it easy for me and make my parents convinced? And Am I guilty of what I am doing? I sware we don't have any bad intentions Allah better knows we just talk about how to make things go better. How to convince my parents? Is it still haram for us to talk when our heart and mind is clean?

We dont try to meet untill we become mahram to eachother just for the sake of Allah swt

I assume by that you mean getting engaged. If that is not the case (not engagement but marriage), then for Allah swt sake, get to KNOW this man IN PERSON before you start a life with him.

People might tell you that you should not meet him at all until he/you sign the marriage agreement; but they are WRONG.

Allah & ONLY Allah knows your intentions when you meet anyone IN PERSON (or not in person). If your intentions are good, then you should NOT worry about what people THINK. They are NOT Allah, they can't read your mind (intentions), and more importantly they will not be the ONE who is going to Judge you when you pass away and then raise again during the Day of judgment. Also, keep in mind that you are the one who is going to live YOUR life, not those people who talk about you. So, you should be the one who make her own decision rather than letting people make decisions for you (meaning you listen to what they think about what you do).

Your future life & inshallah future babies owe you this. There is nothing worst than marrying a person and then discovering that you have nothing in common with that person.

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