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I'm 25yrs old,I'm rilly in need of a man,pls help me,my suitors come and go anytime the word marriage is mentioned to them. I don't rilly knw if I'm under a spell or I ve been caused.pls help me out I ve prayed and fasted about this issue bt it seem nt to work out and I don't want to do something out of my religion.pls wat should I do?

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Sister..Go and tell your parents about this. This is thier responsibility to find a spouse of perfect match for you.

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Sorry but I disagree. It's not the parents responsibility to find her a husband. I believe it is her responsibility too; meaning she could meet another Muslim girl who has a brother, etc. Also, if she goes to college & there is a Muslim student club, then she might meet a good Muslim man. I'll tell you this, I'm a Muslim guy living in the US on my own (no family whatsoever). I'm not sure what my future will look like (work here or back home). Sometimes when I meet Muslim girls in the student club, I think about finding a possible partner for life (I don't believe in arranged marriage).

(May 09 at 21:04) usrname14 usrname14's gravatar image

Don't worry just keep trying and one day you will definitely hunt down a man.

(May 11 at 18:56) Askislam2014 Askislam2014's gravatar image

You need a wali.

(May 12 at 08:12) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image
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