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salaamu 'alaykum

  1. I like woman but i dont think i appreciate that allah created woman, I think its because I dont hang around at all with woman, or talk to them at all(it is haram anyway to mix with woman for fun or to be friends). When i think about adam and hawa (as) i get abit depressed that allah created woman, because i have this feeling that no woman might marry me, dont know why, therefore i get depressed but i DO want to be with women and get married to a woman? so can somebody please tell me what are the qualities that woman(pious) like? I want to get married do i have to look handsome because i am not really attractive and i am small. should i make myself taller so that there is more chance of getting married? What kind of men do women like?

  2. Also I want to have sex but i get sad regarding sex? I dont like the idea that allah created sex with man and woman but i really want to have sex because alhamdullillah allah has placed these desired in us human beings and animals when we were being created.

3.Also when i think about that allah created sex with man and women, and when i think about these things i find it very disturbing or extremely erotic that male and female genitals are meeting together. Is this normal or do even married couples get it or is this whispering from devils?

  1. Also so why do i get this weird feeling when i see men and woman having sex, i get a squirmy, uneasy feeling, cant describe it what is this feeling? When i look at haram things(sex) or imagine about adam and hawa that they are mates and therefore do very close things together like sex i get a strong feeling of sexyness and shamefulness is this normal or waswas from shaytaan? or is this how allah created us

weird questions but if you answer them properly ALL of them then isshallah i hope these will be out of my mind

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It sounds like maybe your just really shy possibly is that the situation? It's not uncommon to be nervous about everything especially if your not used to being around women a lot, I can understand I have a friend who is very shy he's use to just being around his guy friends grew up with only brothers so he just gets nervous around women.

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Also it sounds like you don't have much confidence in yourself, but it sounds like you follow your deen, from my point of a view being a woman is the things a muslim woman looks for is all about the quality of a man and most important is how well your relationship with Allah is, it's about your personality not about being tall and the greatest looking guy etc, keep praying to Allah and surely he will guide you to a wonderful pious woman.

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I think you need to see a psychologist.

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This is very strange. You don't appreciate what Allah created but yet you want to be with her.

The practice itself is not Haram. Otherwise Our prophet would not have done it with his wives. Stop over and rubbish thinking and perform your salats. If it did not help then consult a good psychiatrist.

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ask this site the answer is always complete they bac up with quran and sahih hadit, i tried so... abdul-----no advertising. If you have got permission from any part of staff, I will restore this post. Thank you.

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@Saq009 can I ask you how old are u? Because if you are in your early teen then that make sense and you are not the only who think this way in early teen-age. But if you are in your late 20s then u better see ur GP, who can consult you to the specialist.

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