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i was reading this aricle on huffington post called Muslims for Progressive Values and i was very shocked when i read it it talks about trying to progress islam and change it to become more modern the group claims that islam is a very flexable religion and anyone who states they are muslim and wll be forgiven by allah and an attempt to prove wetern society wrong about women being lesser value than men the women pray in front of the men showing that they are suppirior what is that?????? also they openly accept gay people in the community that are in a relatinship and looking for relatinship because the imam himslef is gay and in a relatinship and isnt married they also claim that he has the quran memorized( i guess he skipped all the chapters about homosexuals being in relashinship and being in a relashinship without marrige) and lastely they were giving suggestions about inviting christians to drink and talk about islam so they can have an open relashinship and the article clearly points out that drinking is haram in islam. so is it just me or does this sound like somthing that would be happening close to judgment day people taking prohibited stuff as halal and what ever happened to the definion of isam being one who submits to allah and not somone who just claims himself to be muslim. They are spreading false interpertations of islam and i feel bad because they must not fully understand islam to relize that those prohibitations are for their own good so what are your thought on all this? are muslims becoming too westernized to relize their own religion? are these people simply tring to fit in or make a statement?

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this group has a website google the name and you will see what i mean Also, is the mosque valid to pray in when women lead

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Salam God perfected our religions which is ISLAM!! God sent Muhammad (pbuh) as a mercy for us, who never sinned! there is nothing to be change in this PERFECT religion! If they said that it is flexible then they are in manifest error. For IF it is truly flexible (changeable) then why is it that not a single LETTER is changed in our holy QURAN!

My dear brothers and sisters we should not let these things happen! If you are going to ask my opinion about the matter I don't believe that they are true Muslims or believers. For it is unusual to utter such things regarding our religion with ease!!

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The huffington post is about as far left and as liberal as a main stream media news report can get. Probably near and dear to the heart of Obama. They are the scum of the earth. What is happening to Muslims now has been happening to Christians also. It is written that to the Lord a thousand years is but a day and a day is like a thousand years. its been two days since Jesus left this earth, would any believer be surprised if judgement day was tomorrow? I look forward to its coming, don't you?

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subhanallah, subhanallah, subhanallah, may Allah forgive us,i say this becoz how can a gay man act as an imam, auzzubillah. the said punishment for a homo-sexual in sharia is to kill in any manner, either by throwing from a cliff, by hanging,by burning or any manner the community dim fit to kill that person, may Allah forgive us, subhanallah. the Qur'an hav not change neither will we use mordernisation to make haram, halal. islam is pease if we but know. so i say, may Allah forgive me,but those peopl ar not muslim but blasphamers and hypocrates of islam, surely Allah's word's wil come, subhanallah. may Allah forgive us. amin

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Are you sure that these people are muslims? And that this is true? I have seen a lot of non-believers write things and tell lies just to make Islam look bad in peoples eyes. If this is true than they better start to pray now Because they will have a lot to answer and pay for and the punishment that they will get is greater than anything they can imagin in this world

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