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It is permissible to listen to the Holy Quran without taking an ablution / wudu? I used to do this on the way home to prevent myself from sinning and at the same time for memorization! help me brothers!!

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To listen to the Qur'an you do not need to do wudu and to read it from your memory you do not need to have wudu, but need to be in wudu when handling the mushaf Qur'an. Allah knows best

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thanks brother!! :)

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thereis a naration by aisha that once she got her period while the prophet was reclining in her lap reciting the quran once she relized she quickley got up and left the prophet told her to wrap herself and the come back so he layed back down in her lap and recited quran and obviously she couldnt have been on wudu she wasent pure at all but he put his head on her and recited to her quran this is the only narration i can think on the top of my head but its in sahih bukhari i think you can only not listen or say quran is in the bathroom you may listen if you arent on wudu

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Salam!! :D I thank God for sending you to answer this particular question!! I am relieved now!! tnx!

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