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Can women attend prayers at groups? Can they lead other women prayer?

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Both men and women are allowed to pray in the Mosque in the same Jama`ah (congregational prayer). When men and women are together in the Masjid then we should have first men’s lines behind the Imam, then children and then women. This is the way Muslims used to pray behind the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). He did not make or ask his Companions to have a curtain or wall between the lines of men and women. (Al-Sindi’s Commentary on Sunan An-Nasa’i, p. 798)

It is perfectly Islamic to hold meetings of men and women inside the Masjid, whether for prayers or for any other Islamic purpose, without separating them with a curtain, partition or wall.

It is, however, very important that Muslim women come to public gatherings wearing proper Islamic dress, for it is Haram (prohibited) for a Muslim woman to attend Masjid gathering without a full Islamic dress, because your propose to attend Masjid is for prayer and spiritual reasons. She must cover her hair and neck with a scarf, which is one of the reasons it is encouraged to have barriers, some women adjust their garments, or bend down while praying and parts of her hair or skin might show, some would not want a man pass by as she bends down, some women wear a veil over their face and remove it during prayer. Also some women bring their children along, and feeds her child, another point is the cries of babies can shorten or disturb other prayers even the Imam, and some women feel uncomfortable praying in the same area as men for those reasons. Her dress should be modest and loose enough in order not to reveal her body.

It stands to reason that partitions were introduced inside the Masajid later in Islamic history. This was done, perhaps, because some women began coming to Mosques without observing proper Islamic dress, or perhaps, some men wanted to discourage them from coming to Mosques. In the time of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) there was no curtain or partition in his Masjid, although women used to come to the Masjid almost for every prayer and for many other gatherings. It is, however, reported that they used to come to the Masjid dressed up in long clothes. `A’ishah, the Mother of the Believers (may Allah be pleased with her) said that the believing women used to attend the Dawn prayer with the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). They used to come wrapped up in their long garments and then they used to return to their homes after the prayer, no one could recognize them because of the darkness. (Reported by Al-Bukhari)

If there is a concern that the lines of men and women will mix inside the Masajid, then there is no harm in putting a lower barrier, only to demarcate the separate area for women. But women should not be put in a totally separate room in the Masajid unless there is a shortage of space and no other proper arrangement can be done for them.

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yes if no men are around but its not allowed somwhere like the mosque where an imam or men are always present or if thereis a group of men the women can simply pray behind them but for example when there is war and no men obviously the women can take over but in this day and age there is no war where the men of the entire town or city goes to war but if its at a gathering at somones house its finw just not anywhere public

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i wanna ask that is it mandatory for women to offer namaz after mans jamat?

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the women can go to juma prayer but if you arent at friday prayer i think you can pray at the same time or afterwards buta women just cant pray before the men she should wait untill they start even if it is the time to pray

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Woman can pray together as a jama'a with the Iqamah and one of them leading the Salah, but women can not pray like the men do which is that the Imam leads the Salah in front of the rest of the men's alone by himself at the front, therefore, when a woman is leading the prayer she can not be in front of the rest of the women by herself at the front, so she must be in the middle of the first role with the rest of the women in line with them leading them in that way. Allah knows best.

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