Now updated: Ramadan calendar - 18 years old girl im having serious problems with my family my parents always descriminate me they make a difference between my brothers and me..because I am ugly what can I do? E feel so bad I feel like killing myself through I love them much but sometimes I hate them so much I wish I could have no family maybe I would be happier. .what to do in my situation? I pray 5 times a day even though ALLAH isn't blessing me

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You say yourself that you are ugly or your parents say that?

(May 12 at 09:24) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image

They sometimes make me understand that they say things that means that

(May 13 at 02:33) suniza suniza's gravatar image
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@suniza you know what, the only person who can make you happy and fight for you at every single place is "you". So brace yourself. I don't have a sister and i wished if I had one but never mind. Your brothers are very unlucky, even though they have a sister and they don't admire her. Your family is not just disgrace to themselves but to everyone. I know it's must be really hurting if your family says you are ugly because I have a friend who had a same case. She was really nice but her family was just waste of space. She was in depression and then we friends built some confidence in her and the She took the matter in her own hands and now she is quite successful. So what i would suggest you is to make yourself strong.

I want to clear one misconception that you don't pray to get reward in this world. That's shows your love toward Allah is not true love. That means if he doesn't bless you the way you wanted then u won't pray ???

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No brother is not that I feel that im doing sumthing wrong but I cant figure it out

(May 12 at 16:00) suniza suniza's gravatar image
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@suniza if u think you're wrong then seek help from Allah and he will definitely help you out. I could be wrong, but I can't see any mistakes from u( as you never mentioned any controversial thing in ur post).

(May 13 at 07:17) Askislam2014 Askislam2014's gravatar image
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