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Salam.i did istikhara last night I had a dream a was on a garden but I can't remember well if was all green but in da garden I was playing with my ex-mate a non-mehram what answer should I consider? Please help me im rele confused

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Please brothers and sisters im rele in an affliction

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Isthikara = events and thoughts in your mind from last few weeks.

My cousin had a Isthikara done by 4 muftis, who said there was a positive response for my cousin to get married. As soon she got married, in few weeks she found out his husband is alcoholic and gambler. He used to go to brothels and all that shit and eventually she got divorced from him.

And the same thing happened to my another cousin maternal side. She got divorced a week after she got married.

Isthikara = your thoughts according to your point of you


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