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Aslaam o Alaikum

I want to know that if a person intends to follow the SUNNAH by keeping beard but trims or shortens it a a little once or twice a month and shaves off the mustache, Is he still following the SUNNAH? Does the person have to let beard grow in order for it to be consider following the SUNNAH?

Jazakallahu Khyran

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Beard was the part of Arab culture which Arabs use to follow before the advent of Islam. Sunah is something,which prophet did to stand out from the rest and show some civilised manner to Arab people at the time. Sunnah is something which has directly or indirectly had a relationship with the religion and surely beard has nothing to do with Islam. I mean, people pick up the thing from just surface.

Now you could say eating date is Sunah as well but the thing is, date was the only fruit available at the time. You can't expect mangoes, oranges etc to be there at the time. If they were been there, then people wouldn't be saying eating date is Sunah.

Having beard isn't something which u strictly follow just because our prophet had it. Like I said it was part of the cultural due to environment at the time. Because Arab was just desert at the time, and the winds in desert used to have a speed of 70 mph. With that speed, if u don't have a beard, the sand would cut your face and will give rashes and scratches on ur face. That's why u see people covering their face in desert.

Well, I am giving u an advice and surely it doesn't answer ur question.

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I see alot of qiyyas ... Where is the proof for your statements.

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Read Arab history books

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You will get all the answers and one another thing if u still today go to deserts of Arab without getting ur face covered, the sand will give u scratches. My uncle recently came from and now he has face burns and marks

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My deen doesn't stand on qiyyas nor assumption. The point I'm making is that you need better facts. Salaam

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Yes i see ur point.@sadie

@Askislam Qiyas is last source to be used. I will say it plainly: the authenticity of your sources is unknown and this could mislead ppl.

(May 15 at 08:26) abdul_wasay ♦ abdul_wasay's gravatar image
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