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I wanted to ask a question what if you have been forced into a marriage and after marriage you don't give the person right to touch or sleep with you and you tell him that you have never liked him and want to leave him, because this marriage is invalid when a girl has been forced into this. How would one take divorce from his so called husband? And how can she take her freedom back from her husband if her so called husband does not want to give divorce? Can she leave him and go to her parents house without even taking a divorce beacuse our Prophet has nullified a marriage without ones consent? Is taking divorce in this case is necessary?

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Your question is a serious one. Please ask Shaykh Assim Al Hakeem (famous Peace Tv speaker) and he will let you know within a few days inshaAllah. Be more clear in your question if needed.

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Please is anybody there who could give the correct answer to my question?

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