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Hiya been married since last aug,want to ask how do u know when ure husbsnd has fully put his thingy in my thing?why is that men move a lot in bed after making love?always get a feeling that my hubby thinking of other women and not interested in me sumtimes......he never says he loves me and doeant kiss me anymore??he only did on wedding night......feel like giving up right now but dont want to will regret it and im an emotional person so wont help.. Is there any way that i get hubbys love or anything that i can do to make him

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Please dont make assumptions without solid proof

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Assalamu alaikum,

In response to the "thingy in my thing" question, I assume you are talking about being "intact". The only way to find out is be examined by a gynecologist.

As for the rest, I truly think you need to have this discussion with your husband directly. We can only make guesses why he may be acting differently towards you. Don't give up, pray to Allah and ask him for guidance through this tough time.

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Wasalam thank u will try,keep me in ure prayers and duas

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