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If someone takes their life (Suicide) because of you will you be held responsible Islamically?spoke to a distant female for a while and kindly chose to stop speaking to her. I've also apologized for everything but if worst comes to worse if she chooses to do so is it my fault? I have the best intentions for her and I would never want anyone to get hurt.


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take it for granted she will never commit S. And how many suicides will she do as there are millions like u on networks. It makes no sense.

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Whenever I walk into a room full of women it's like the parting of the Red Sea. What's your secret? How did you get to be so special and so yummy that women kill themselves if you don't speak to them? Come on....give a guy a break.

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It's not that, we were quite close and some women are sensitive.

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I was teasing you. We are not responsible for the deeds of others. We get no credit for their good ones, and no blame for their bad. Each person stands alone before Allah. But perhaps we should take more care in what we say to others over the net; and have greater concern for their well being. Salam.

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Thanks for the help bro, I knew that already to an extent I just wanted to be sure of it. Is there any evidence? Sorry for bothering you again. May allah reward you for your help.

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Al-Isra verse 15

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And it's no bother!

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Glad to be of help. Perhaps it would be better to move on and give both of you space, and a chance to develop new - and better - friendships. This is my gut feeling. However, you know your heart and circumstances better than I do. Whatever you do....may Allah guide and protect you......both of you

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Dear hamza 982, You are never responsible for someone else's suicide whatever your relationship. [I'm speakikng as a non-Islamic Australian], so you may wish to disregard me and I will certainly understand you seeing me as an unbeliever]. However, if you would like to speak with me, I would like that. [ Pat

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Thanks for the help to all that answered. I appreciate it.

(May 17 at 18:41) hamza_982 hamza_982's gravatar image
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