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Assalamoailaikoum All glory to Allah(SWT), I have a question that has me in complete confusion and sadness and tears filling my eyes. I have a Young baby daughter called Amina, I have always treated her with utmost respect and love from the deepest of my heart, as a dad should. My wife who reverted to Islam after meeting me, became a good muslim, I try to teach everyday more and more about Islam and good manners, with the small knowledge I have that I try to teach her and myself to become a better muslim. Yesterday I taught her about weddings and divorces, In which I meant, that a woman has to have 3 menstrual cycles before she can engage in another marriage. She married me after a little bit more than a month after this. I never asked her about it, because I told her all her sins are erased as soon as she says shahada. But yesterday when I was teaching about this she told that she didnt wait 3 months because she didnt know seen she was not a muslim. The DNA test is gonna be done next wednesday and it takes about 2 weeks for the result. Everytime I put my head down for prayer I cry like a baby I ask Allah to accept my taubaw and I hope it is mine. My love for my wife and baby have not changed but I cannot look at them without crying, I tried finding quranic verses hadiths about this to help me and guide because my knowledge is not enough for all this. May allah bless our whole ummah and makes us strong again inchallah. I ask Allah for guidance and anyone scholar who can guide me to the right path and the right thing to do. I hope you can Dua for my family and all of us. Inchallah it is my child.

Salam Hilal

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