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I know that it is not allowed to beautify a person. However I don’t want it for the purpose of beautifying; I just want my ears to look normal to everyone else’s, as my ears appear to be prominent.

I am considering otoplasty, which is a small operation that pins the ears back, but not too much. It doesn’t reduce the size of the ears or reshapes them; it just puts them back so they don’t stick out as much. However one of my ears sticks out more than the other one, so I just want them to look equal on both sides. Everyone in my family shares the same opinion. Can you please advise before I consider proceeding?

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If they cause medical problems or if they are really abnormal compared to regular ears, then you can get them fixed إن شاء الله. But if neither of these, then you should leave them as they are.. because you would only be getting work done to them to 'look better' (and this falls into the category of beautification). I am sure that you look perfectly fine! :)

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