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  What we,r asking is wether one is Islamically,allowed to perform salat Isha before its proper time due to some certain circumstances,e.g my wife and i got allhamdulelah 2 kids of 2,5 and 1,5 years old ,that really needs hard work &patience and when the night falls my wife is really exhausted ,as a result she can difficultly stay up till Adhan Isha and she wants to go to bed together with the kids if permitted s.v.p help us inform.we would be gratefull
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Allah سبحانه و تعالى said to offer prayers at the prescribed times. You can not (in general) offer prayer before the time for it has come. There is only one way that it is acceptable to pray earlier, and that is if you combine Maghrib and Isha prayers (@ the time of Maghrib). This is known to be permissible, if there is hardship in praying on time.

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