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Can my wife suddenly decide after a argument that she does not want me and want to end the marriage

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The ultimate authority of divorce is in man hands but she can also seek divorce but through other means:

1 she has to ask u for divorce 2 she gives mahr back and ends marriage 3 she goes to a jurist and nullifies the marriage

Divorce must have a valid reason for:

Our Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Any woman who requests her husband to divorce her without a valid reason will not smell the scent of Paradise.”

Some valid reasons:

  1. Physical, mental, or emotional abuse or torture. When one of the spouses becomes abusive and inflicts physical, mental, or emotional torture, and is not willing to change by taking practical measures through therapy or counseling, then it is a valid reason for seeking divorce, for the Islamic principle states, “There shall be no inflicting or receiving of harm.” Zhulm (injustice) is not tolerated in Islam, regardless of who the perpetrator is.

  2. Failure to fulfill the objectives and purposes for which marriage was initiated. This can be utter incompatibility between the partners, which may be expressed by their irreconcilable differences in temperaments, likes, and dislikes.

  3. Marital infidelity. This can be a major cause for dissolution of marriage, for marriage is built on trust and confidence. Its main purpose is to preserve the chastity and modesty of those involved. Once this foundation is eroded and undermined and there is no chance to restore the same, then divorce is the way to go.

  4. Failure of the husband to provide. When the man, who is considered the provider and maintainer of the family, fails to shoulder his responsibilities and the wife decides that she cannot continue tolerating his shirking of responsibility, this is grounds for divorce.

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